✓ The Zone ò Download by ↠´ Tom Evans

✓ The Zone ò Download by ↠´ Tom Evans The ideas in this book didn t particularly resonate with me, but IO can see how some people might find the book to be motivational I feel it would have benefited from having practical tips and examples.
How to rate this one Difficult There were some chapters that virtually YELLED AT ME from the pages the section on the creative zone was exactly what I needed to hear Some of the other zones certainly spoke to me, but the rest just kind of mumbled, rambled, or spoke in tongues I appreciate what the author was going for, but some of the sections seem forced as he tried to make his honeycomb pattern consistent through the book Some of the content, too, is a little airy fairy than applicable, for me I ll be referring to some of the early chapters the Creative Zone and the Time Zone especially when I need encouragement, but the later zones just didn t speak to me in the same way.

I greatly enjoyed reading this book I found the author s perspective on different zones interesting and enlightening There were tips and ideas that I will be able to apply to my own creative endeavors going forward I also really enjoy listening to Tom Evans podcast called The Zone Show.
We Know Intuitively When We Are In The Zone We Know All Too Frustratingly When We Are Out Of The ZoneWhat We Don T Know Where This Mythical Zone Is For Sure Sometimes We End Up There By Accident Than Design When We Re Out Of It, There S No Map To Get Us Back ThereThe Zone Is An Attempt At Drafting That Map When We Do, We Find There Is Not Just One Zone But Many We Have Doing Zones And Being Zones We Can Even Get Trapped In Danger ZonesThis Book Explores Where The Boundaries Of The Zone Lie And How To Get Past Border Control Without A PassportThe Aim Is To End Up In The Magic Zone This Is A Place Where We Can Live A Charmed And Enchanting Life It S A Place Where We Go With The Flow And We Stop Pushing Water Uphill