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5 stars Second read Spoilers everywhere Very cute, but on second read, I noticed a few moments where girls were slut shamed for their clothing for dressing a certain way It s early in the book and I do think the characters sort of learn from their mistakes and realize that people aren t what they appear Tyson, in particular, puts this in perspective for Penny I don t think the author meant for the slut shaming to happen, but it did The other thing that bothered me was that I didn t find it totally believable that the principal of the school would really call Penny into his office to ask her to disband a club because she was getting too much power It was a cool scene because it allowed us to see Penny s parents standing up for her, but it didn t ring true for me Why would the principal care if they hadn t done anything wrong That said, the heart and message of the book was definitely of celebrating femininity and female friendships, and it was definitely meant to be one girl s attempt to navigate what it means to be strong and feminist without losing romance Overall, really enjoyed this quick read and looking forward to seeing what happens next to Penny and The Lonely Hearts Club.
Yes, it was girly Yes, it was mushy.
Yes, it was predictable at times.
But seriously, how can you not love a book that gives so much lovin to the Beatles The main character s name is Penny Lane Every chapter is a different Beatles song, and also a lyric from that song There are countless Beatles references Penny Lane makes a mixed CD for the guy she s digging and it s a Beatles mix Penny and Ryan go to a Beatles tribute band concert The cover of the book is a spin of the Beatles Abbey Road alblum cover Do you catch my drift This book is for girly Beatles fans It was very chick lit, but with a tiny edge At some parts I really thought I had everything figured out, but was pleasantly suprised the author had some tricks hidden amoungst the pages The outcome is what you think it will be, but the stops along the way are very entertaining This is really a girl power book with a light dusting of romance I would have been obsessed with this back in high school I ve out grown it, but I still like it 4 starsIf you are midly interested in this one, I d definitely recommend you giving it a go For those of you who have read this I appreciate the I am the walrus reference with her stuffed animal Nice touch Lady Madonna lying on the bed, listen to the music playing in your head This has nothing really to do with the book, but Lady Madonna will always hold a special place in my heart Before my brother passed away, he said this song reminded him of me not so much the lyrics, but the beat of it because it was goofy and fun What a nice thought, that someone thinks of you that way The Beatles were also one my of brother favorites, I mean for a 16 year old he knew every song and lyric they had.
it was impressive So, I guess this book really made me reflect and have some smiles Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away.
Love Is All You Need Or Is It Penny S About To Find Out In This Wonderful DebutPenny Is Sick Of Boys And Sick Of Dating So She Vows No It S A Personal Choiced, Of Course, Soon Everyone Wants To Know About It And A Few Other Girls Are Inspired A Movement Is Born The Lonely Hearts Club Named After The Band From Sgt Pepper Penny Is Suddenly Known For Her Nondating Ways Which Is Too Bad, Because There S This Certain Boy She Can T Help But Like Empec a leer este libro porque Elizabeth Eulberg, la autora, ven a a la Feria Internacional del Libro de Bogot y me parec a alta traici n conocerla sin haber le do nada de ella Cuando le la sinopsis e investigu un poco, pens que podr a gustarme porque, oye, era un tema s per girly y amo ese tipo de libros sin embargo, cuando los Beatles se atravesaron en el camino me asust Confesi n no los soporto Ya, lo he dicho El Club de los Corazones Solitarios es un libro que nos cuenta la historia de Penny Lane Bloom, una chica a la que le faltan dos a os para graduarse del colegio y est hasta los mism simos co digo, est harta de que los chicos le rompan el coraz n Todos y cada uno de los chicos con los que ha salido la han enga ado, dejado, mentido y mil cosas m s As que despu s de una ruptura especialmente dolorosa, Penny decide renunciar a los chicos, al menos por lo que le queda de instituto y fundar el Club de los Corazones Solitarios Todo esto empieza siendo un club de una persona, pero eventualmente se van uniendo m s chicas, compartiendo sus experiencias y apoy ndose las unas a las otras Si bien en este Club las chicas despotrican de los chicos, no todo va a ser tan f cil para Penny pues Ryan aparece en el radar y va a hacer que la resoluci n de Penny de dejar a los chicos de lado se vuelva muy, muy dif cil Si bien este libro no me gust tanto como Y Si Quedamos Como Amigos , lo disfrut bastante Me encantaban las enredadas mentales que se met a Penny tratando de descifrar cu les eran las intenciones de Ryan con ella, intentando convencerse de que era un cerdo como todos los dem s, etc Quiz lo mejor de todo el libro fue ver la reacci n de los chicos del instituto al ver que las chicas ya no quer an salir con ellos, jajajaja Ahora, le pongo 4 estrellas porque no lograba identificarme mucho con los personajes y sus motivaciones por falta de experiencia personal en rupturas dram ticas y cosas por el estilo, supongo Peeeeeeeero eso no quiere decir que no vaya a leer la secuela, pues creo que va a ser mucho m s interesante, dado el final de este primer libro.
I wondered if it would ve been too subtle to wear a T shirt that said thank you for your interest, but I am no longer dating.
The Lonely Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg is a fun, fast, light YA contemporary romance that I finished in one sitting The writing is engaging as are the characters in this story, and I was immediately drawn into this book from page one Penny Lane is tainted when it comes to guys She s just been cheated on by her long time love Nate, and as she reflects on all her past heartbreaks, she decides to give up on this boy business and start The Lonely Hearts Club The club begins to take momentum as she and her friends realize that you don t need a guy to have a good time at a dance, on a Saturday night or around school All of a sudden though, Penny finds herself in a boy triangle There s Nate who is begging her to take him back, Todd the player who s called dibbs on her to the entire basketball team, and Ryan her friend and locker neighbor that seems to be there as times get tough.
Ryan was by far my favorite of the guy line up for obvious reasons I loved his honestly and attempts to show Penny how he felt He took some tough punches, and too good to be true responses had me aww ing his every word I enjoyed their times together and their banter was LOL funny.
I liked the Beatles music tie in as well as the events as they unfolded It was a fun book to pass the time I ll definitely keep my eye out for other books by Eulberg Great debut Funny quotes and moments Was there some sort of secret class where they taught boys to become himbos No, no, no, for the love of all that is pure, you can t be ordering a salad, you re a sixteen year old boy with ranch dressing to start, then a double cheeseburger, fries, and a chocolate shake That s my boy Well, not technically my boy Penny, this means so much, coming from you Please don t be upset He placed his hand around my neck and leaned in farther so his chin was resting on my forehead And Nate You kiss like a slobbering dog, you have bad breath, and you wouldn t know how to punch the right buttons on a girl if we came with manuals Happy Thanksgiving, Jackass You know, you being nice and all isn t helping I tell him Ryan stared at me intensely for a few seconds before a smile crept over his face and he says, Okay, stop your blubbering, woman You re being a big tear whore Song ChoiceI couldn t really come up with a song that paralleled this storyline, unless I go with the Beatles songs that are included throughout the story, so I ll just include this song that crept in my head for random reasons What the Hell Avril Lavigne I can t deal with vapid, insensitive and selfish girls like this Sure they re immature 16 17 year olds, but I just can t deal with the plot in this book It is not as cute and fluffy as the title makes out I would think a Lonely Hearts Club would just be a nice little club of people who d been heartbroken and need someone to talk to, but no, it s a group of gossipy, vain girls who have sworn off dating after a few guys were rotten to them, thus labelling all guys as pigs, morons etc What was also unbelievable and stupid in this book was the character of Tracy I cannot believe this girl actually had a list of guys she wanted to date that year Like she spent her entire summer thinking of potential candidates to date And she would cross them off as she realised one had a bad haircut, one worked at a fast food restaurant, and all these other superficial reasons NOT to date someone So not only is the idea of a 16 year old girl spending her summer devising a massive list of people she wants to date as in, date all of them on the list , but is turned off by the most mundane things like a haircut I couldn t deal with it.
I am dumbfounded by the way some girls behave already, and then a book like this comes along, practically telling readers who I m assuming would be girls of the same age that it s okay to treat people this way It s okay to judge everyone based on how they look It s okay to label all men as gross and disgusting after one boy hurt you I didn t get to any sort of conclusion or realisation in this book, because I couldn t stand it.
Reading challenge 2015 15 Primer libro de autor popular Predecible Clich Hip crita Un libro muy meh.
Ac tenemos a Penny, nuestra querida protagonista, que ha tenido un fracaso tras otro con chicos se ha cansado de idealizarlos, verlos como objetos de culto bellos y perfectos, para enterarse al final que los chicos, de hecho, son personas, con defectos y virtudes Pero que sorpresa, che Pero como Penny es una persona muy madura, funda este Club de los corazones solitarios porque s , todos lo chicos son iguales, unos idiotas ego stas prejuicios A lo largo del libro, Penny y sus amigas descubren de los placeres de estar solteras, de dejar de definirse por otro, de vivir para complacer al otro.
A ver, tengo sentimientos encontrados con este libro Por una parte me gust mucho el cambio de Penny y sus amigas tienen, como empiezan a encontrarse y aceptarse Pero otro lado, me parece una pelotudez lo del club, no todos los chicos son ego stas y est pidos, por favor Pero el mayor problema del libro es que es demasiado simple, todo se queda ahla narraci n es sencillita, los personajes son clich s y apenas desarrollados, el argumento parece de una peli disney, el final es tan predecible Desde un principio sabemos como va terminar, Penny va descubrir a un chico perfecto que la va entender y querer y queoh, sorpresava a cambiar sus ideas rid culas sobre los chicos M s all de la poca profundidad, lo pat tico de los personajes y lo poco cre ble que son algunas situaciones el club termina con cuarenta integrantes, CUARENTA, en serio lo que m s me molest fue el girl hate Penny y sus amigas desprecian y ridiculizan a las chicas que no quieren unirse a su club, porque solo piensan en chicos En serio Qu clase de libro puede clamar amor y aceptaci n por un lado, y re rse de las chicas que piensan diferente Qu clase de amor y aceptaci n es esa Pat tico Horrible.
No voy a decir que fue una decepci n, no esperaba nada del libro, pero hubiera sido lindo que el mensaje fuera al completo.

5 bumped up from 2.
5The only reason I bumped this one up is because of the musical aspect of the book I thought it was interesting and it was something that I had not read a lot of So this book got wonderful reviews Why were you, Sita going to give it a mere 2.
5 Well I will tell you why I will tell you why in the form of a song, no a list Because the book has enough songs in it 1 Annoying main character, that is all annoying like, no other word to describe it 2 The concept was good, I just don t know if the author pulled it off 3 The ending God I just hated how it ended Enough said.
I really cant think of anything else that was majorly horrible But it is out there, it is out there Oh yeah 4 The book on a whole was just not that great, could have been alot better I mean the idea was good, just the plot Not so much 5 Characters Shoot me now The end.
5 stars.
It was really cute and I enjoyed it, but I found it very predictable I think my 15 year old self would have loved it, but almost ten years have passed since I was that age, so hahaha.
Anyway, I ll definitely read the second part We can work it out , expecting a light and bubbly read, as this one was.
Okay Empecemos por el principio.
Creo que es la tercera vez que leo este libro Y no me canso La primera vez, cog este libro con MUCH SIMAS GANASY no me defraudAmo a Elizabeth Eulberg Y amo este libro Esta historia comienza con una historia id lica, un ni a y un ni o enamorados que solo se ven en los veranos, y a medida que crecen, van convirtiendo su historia en algo real, primeros besos, primeras tarjetas de San Valent n, Y sigue con un coraz n roto, el de la protagonista, Penny Lane Bloom.
Bueno, esta es la historia Penny se decidi a perder la virginidad con su novio Nate, despu s de todas las insistencias de l As que va a darle la sorpresa CUANDO Nate SE EST QUEDANDO EN SU CASA EN NAVIDAD y la sorpresa se la lleva ella, porque pilla a Nate l andose con otra chica Cuando Penny le da una oportunidad para explicarse, l le recrimina que ella no quiere ir al siguiente nivel, y que no ha crecido a n Mi reacci n Reacci n 1 Pero qu Reacci n 2 PERO SER S HIJO DE As que despu s de este gran desastre desilusi n, Pen se da cuenta de lo malos que son los chicos, y decide no volver a salir con ellos hasta que acabe el instituto, ya que los chicos del McKinley APESTAN, fundando as el Club de los Corazones Solitarios Poco a poco, a medida que el libro avanza se va haciendo m s y m s popular Un club por y para chicas Necesario decir que dese que existiera para formar parte No lo creo Todas las lectoras de este libro coincidimos en eso.
Pen es taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan maravillosa Tiene una gran personalidad, es agradable, se preocupa por sus amigos, los ayuda SIEMPRE Su personalidad es cre ble ya que es muy parecida a la de muchos adolescentes Su refugio en la m sica cuando se siente mal y triste, su fanatismo o esa manera de no querer perjudicar a nadie Su personaje me encant.
Tracy es la mejor amiga de Pen Bastante, c mo decirlo, borde si te metes con sus amigas eres una animadora superficial intentas salir con alguien de la lista de chicos con los que quiere salir es s per divertida tambi n, tiene algunas cosas as known as mueve tu culo esquel tico de ah La violaci n de las normas conlleva la inhabilitaci n como socia, la humillaci n p blica, los rus crueles y la posible decapitaci n Diane es una vieja amiga de Pen que la olvid cuando empez a salir con Ryan Bauer Cuando ellos cortan, Diane se da cuenta de que est sola, y intenta ganarse la confianza de Pen de nuevo Diane fue mi personaje favorito, se nota mucho su evoluci n a lo largo del libro y la manera en la que deja de importarle lo que los dem s piensen.
Ryan es el chico de la novela Es tan duuulce3 Apoya mucho a Diane, aunque sea su exnovia, y l es el t pico chico perfecto, jugador del equipo del instituto, con un tipazo y ojos azules Pero las apariencias enga an, ya que en un punto vemos a la presi n a la que se ve sometido cada d a, y que ni siquiera l es perfecto Aunque para m lo es TODAS las fans de los Beatles y del YA deber an leer este libro, ya que todo el libro gira bastante a este tema El libro est dividido en unas secciones con frases de canciones los Beatles como Revolution We all want to change the world o With a little help from my friends En la propia portada ya te da a entender que el libro ir de ese tema Este es un libro que TODA CHICA DEBER A DE LEER Realmente no le vi nada malo, es tan tierno3 PD Si os gust llam la atenci n este libro, deber ais ver estos dos de Elizabeth Eulberg, tambi n Prom and Prejudice Lo le y me encant Inspirado en Pride and Prejudice de Jane Austen Take a Bow No puedo esperar a ponerle las manos encima La sinopsis pinta genial3