Download Epub Format Ú The Jetstream of Success (Intellectual Maverick, #1) PDF by È Julian Pencilliah

Download Epub Format Ú The Jetstream of Success (Intellectual Maverick, #1) PDF by È Julian Pencilliah Each One Of Us Has The Capacity To Become An Intellectual Maverick We Should Be Exhibiting Qualities In Life That Are Unique And Dynamic Achieving Success Is Determined By Our Propensity For Innovation We Need To Become Revolutionaries Of Modern Thinking And Pacesetters In The Art Of Creating Cultures Of Change The Result Employs Your Forward Thinking Genius An Intellectual Maverick Builds Bridges Over Hurdles, Bulldozes Obstacles And Never Settles For The Confines Of ConventionSuccess Is Our Capacity To Turn Our Challenges Into Circuits Taking Bends With Speed, Skill And Determination To Head Up Every Race To Achieve Life Requires Us To Develop The Finesse Of Artists, The Genius Of Meticulous Minds And The Attitude Of Rock StarsWelcome To The Jetstream Of Success Book Where Legends Create History Every Day The Book Offers You The Framework To Become A Student Of Your History, To Redefine Yourself And As A Result, The Future, So That You Can Aspire And Quantify Your Results To Success The Jetstream Of Success Will School You In A Vast Range Of Awareness And Frame Very Strong Criteria To Measure Your Intellectual Processes Against Allowing You To Reinvent Yourself Conducive To Your Successes Half read , Not worth reading Utter bullshit.
A quick read though Julian Pencilliah has written a book that seeks to address several areas that may prove beneficial to the reader It prompts the reader to first change his her mindset before positive results can be realized The author was very realistic in his approach, stressing the importance of commitment to change This book is by no means a quick read I found myself going over a couple paragraph just to make certain I get the information as the writer intended The real life examples the author gave of his own life solidified it for me as I was able to see the concept in action As a self help book it s on the money.
The Jetstream of SuccessThis is an interesting read It is full of motivational quotes and personal antidotes that people can relate to I found the chapter discussing the different aspects of our thought processes Ego mind, rational mind, personal unconscious mind especially useful I now realise why we think the way we do and how we can adapt our negative thought processes I must read for people wishing to change their perceptions and move forward towards a successful life.
Julian Pencilliah s new volume, The Jetstream of Success, is a spiritual tour de force and deserves the widest possible audience Other readers will agree, I believe, that this effort merits five stars A half century ago, Seth, a spirit guide, counseled psychic Jane Roberts that you make your own reality Sadly, the ghostly sage offered no practical advice on how to do this Julian picks up where Seth and Jane Roberts left off and teaches us how to surfboard across physical reality with focused and disciplined spiritual power As he puts it, life requires than a whisper of wisdom, but with divine wisdom reality becomes a tapestry of magic The tools of practical success include compassion, love, and gratitude Make gratitude lists daily and you will see that this is true Daily diary entries also map out triumphs for the next day, week and month in the physical world Again I have found this to be true Julian also counsels us to retain a good sense of humor to summon creative spiritual energy, because wealth comes from a rich and happy mind Sadness, agitation, and fear stand in the way of success When you know who you are, the future lies in the palm of your hand Julian shows how eternal love triumphs over death in his recounting of the story of the Taj Mahal This book is beautifully written and beautifully illustrated, and it continues the proud tradition of sharing Indian wisdom with readers in the west.
Julian Pencilliah The Jetstream of Success started out as a difficult read that made me contemplate abandoning after the first chapter but I m glad I persevered and kept on reading as I was in for an educational enlightening treat.
One would think that the title would be a sort of self help book but instead Pencillah forces the reader to think and see the human experiences through a different prism He takes you on wild adventures that I can only experience through movies and books.
The book is filled with motivational and inspiring quotations I so love the explanations on love Another added treat.
The book act as a pep talk to the ego It can make you feel better about yourself as you seek greater heights for yourself.
There were quite a few blank pages Don t see the purpose for that A few of the graphics were repetitive Again I don t see the purpose.
I loved the sayings and quotes in this book There were some that I have heard before and others that I have not heard of That is rare for me because I read and write about a lot of positive thinking books and the information is usually the same That is not the case with this book This book is filled with quotes, antidotes and stories that will help move your life forward in a positive way There are several analogies in the book that are really well chosen as the author makes his point known Similar to proverbs the quotes and sayings can have you thinking and drawing your own conclusions The book is well written and easy to understand There is a lot to gain from this book I highly recommend it This is a philosophical ride a brilliant one.
The writing style is very nice and flamboyant This book, for those who can flow with it will boost their adrenaline and increase the amount of air they re breathing while reading It surely takes you along in its glider of optimism But you have to be at the edge of the cliff, ready to experience flying, waiting not for reason but only for the instructor the book Then this book is for you, and it will be quite helpful in changing attitudes and setting them on the right course This is no less than a Deepak Chopra book, only well designed with hints of color and typographical design between the pages There are philosophies like Fear is our conflict with Time Brilliant and eternal truth Like the Upanishads Awesome.
If you are still dealing with a dormant depressive phase, then this book might be a stage 3 or stage 4 book for you.
Overall I liked the rendition, which is unique as the author talks about and relates environments and cultures, and his experiences in different parts of the globe, with movies, etc, which sparked philosophy in his head This book has the earmarks of a very elevated mind, and requires elevated readers listeners.
Julian Pencilliah has written a unique self help book that can easily be read in one sitting While some of the messages can be found on other books in the genre Pencilliah has given his book a fun twist by including stories from various countries cultures to illustrate key concepts The creative formatting also separates this book from others in the genre and increases the enjoyment of the reading experience My favorite quote from the book, You ve got to know which waves to go after, and which waves to let pass Pencilliah provides the framework and guidance to help readers, ride the wave of desire and achieve success.