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✓ Konec prokrastinace Õ Download by É Petr Ludwig Simple, Science Based Tools To Stop ProcrastinationEven With Overflowing Inboxes, Thousands Of Unread Notifications, And Unmet Deadlines, Most People Still Can T Manage To Take Control Of Their Time And Stop Procrastinating The End Of Procrastination Tackles This Ubiquitous Issue Head On, Helping You Stop Putting Off Work And Reclaim Your Time Author Petr Ludwig Shows That Ending Procrastination Is Than A Wise Time Management Strategy It S Essential To Developing A Sense Of Purpose And Leading A Happier Fulfilled Life The Keys To Overcoming Procrastination Are Simple With Eight Clear, Approachable Tools From Quick Daily Worksheets To Shift Your Perspective To To Do Lists That Actually Help You Get Things Done The End Of Procrastination Provides Everything You Need To Change The Way You Manage Your Time And Live Your LifeBased On The Latest Research, The End Of Procrastination Synthesizes Over One Hundred Scientific Studies To Create A Program That Is Based On The Way Our Brains Actually Work By Understanding Exactly Why Procrastination Happens And How Our Brains Respond To Motivation And Self Discipline, The Book Provides Readers With The Knowledge To Conquer Procrastination On An Everyday Basis I confess that I procrastinated reading this book Yes, I have plenty of excuses but I know they are just that excuses I was impressed with the wealth of research presented to back up the claims in this book The authors have thoroughly researched the topic and present many psychological and scientific studies to support their approach Don t worry, it is not at all like a textbook in fact, it is conversational in tone The book is well organized into four sections Motivation, Discipline, Outcomes and Objectivity The sections includes tools to help the reader in their quest to end procrastination and a valuable recap at the end of each chapter.
The book begins with a thorough explanation of procrastination why we do it, including biological underpinnings The End of Procrastination is much than learning how to get things done Ludwig ties it into the bigger picture your vision and purpose in life Throughout the book there are powerful exercises as well as tools to help you discover your personal vision and learn what motivates you so that you can ultimately quash procrastination Some of the tools were familiar to me but here they were slightly different and potentially effective Ludwig integrates several different strategies to ultimately end procrastination Ludwig explains that overcoming procrastination is a process as is fulfilling your personal vision This book is much than a system to end procrastination it aims to help you manage your life effectively and be successful Ludwig makes it simple by providing the reader with self assessments and exercises He even makes the worksheets to begin to implement the process available on his website so that you can get going filling them in and using them to help you succeed Don t rush through this book or try to read it in one sitting Take your time, absorb the material and do the exercises and you too will end procrastination once and for all.
Thank you to St Martin s Press and NetGalley for an advanced reader copy in exchange for my honest review.
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00 on a book you are not invested in when you can explore the main topics for a fraction of the price Visit Patreon Lawchamp s Review Over 30 pages of citations This book is definitely backed up by research and worth the 5 star rating First, if you feel like you re not living up to your potential, which is only identified by your motives, and you need help pushing yourself to the limit without procrastinating then this is the book for you This book provides a guide to the questions you need to ask yourself to unlock that power within in you to commence working on the things that matter to you It brings you 4 tools, plus content that I found pivotal for self growth, and these things I have not found in other books of self improvement And I have read plenty The key to this is your personal vision You, however, need to learn about self regulation and the different types of motivation, like that of the Journey Based Motivation that is lead by milestones and not goals Goals do not lead to action, they just state affirmations that you will never accomplish because the power to make them real is not backed up by a personal vision Everyone can have goals, but not everyone will be willing to sit down and create milestones on paper and ask the questions necessary to begin this journey of life improvement We only have one life, do not let procrastination defeat you from accomplishing your dreams I recommend this book highly, but only if you are willing to take the information and place action behind it.
By far this is one of the most inspiring and motivating self developement book i ever read not only it will help you get awareness of the procrastination but also give you the tool to work toward getting rid of it by building habits step by step and help you work toward the most blurring question and fearful, who you are, whats your definition of yourself what do you want to do with ur life whats your qualities what do you stand for, i really recomand this book to any who wants to make the most of his life toward living a meaningful one.
I got this book from goodreads first reads The diagrams were nice and the odd size made it a very fast read but that also made it feel skate y or unsubstantial A lot of it was rather ho hum and some of the thinking it presents was not only riddled with caveats flawed logic but a number of the examples were downright cringeworthy sliding well into the yikes territory.
Nice, concise and well organized this author has researched human behavior and has come up with a composite of intentional actions to do to prevent getting into the mindset of procrastination.
Ludwig breaks down the process into 4 sections Motivation time is finite, don t waste it Creating a personal vision for personal satisfactionDiscipline take actions that are in keeping with your personal visionOutcomes emotional material results from your actionsObjectivity reduce biases to see reality clearly where you can make improvementsThe author is very personable and tells you not take on too much all at once to avoid failure common sense, but it feels enlightening to read it Hands down, the best book I ve read on the topic I m planning to actually purchase a copy of this or likely, I ll try to get a faculty desk copy, because I want to make all my students read this and assign it in all my classes I m going to try to keep this review short and to the point Things I loved 1 THERE ARE CITATIONS PRAISE THE GODS OF REFERENCES I m so sick of non fiction books not including references There are dozens of pages of notes and he backs up everything he says with actual research Yay 2 A good mix of text and graphics All types of learners can benefit from this book since the material is broken up into different presentations, yet they complement one another rather than competing 3 Chapter summaries at the end, which serve as a nice refresher especially as an on going reference 4 Online tools worksheets that correspond with the exercises in the book.
5 It s direct and to the point It s not a try hard book It s not gimmicky It s not preachy.
6 Despite having read like 100 books on this topic over the years I m on my 4th round of grad school and I work in higher educationthese types of books are everywhere , there were still things in here that I hadn t seen before, read about, or at least were presented in a new way The idea of a weekly meeting with yourself, for example, seems so simple yet why hasn t that ever been proposed before Why didn t it occur to me Genius Things I didn t like some of the font was hard to read that s it.
Thanks Netgalley for the ARC Even though I m a little late finishing itprocrastination, amirite I won this book in a GoodReads giveaway This book covers than just simple procrastination as it provides tips for being successful in life in general I enjoyed this short read and its illustrations that added some humor to the seriousness of the topics covered.
This book had great tips on how to break down the list of things to do so as not to make them so overwhelming for the doer It was also helpful to establish a habit and keep track of how to undertake the actions important for the person I struggle with doing the thing I must do first I feel paralyzed even if it s a simple task I was able to learn tricks to rid myself of this anxiety and get it done This book would be a great tool for Bullet Journalers.
Book from Petr Ludwig simply changed my life I changed my vision, what I would like to accomplish, I changed my daily routine, I changed my approach to any activity I do The book is full of illustration which helped me to understand key thoughts All thoughts are supported by many scientific studies I am much effective in things which are related to my vision and mainly I feel much satisfied in my life now.