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[ Read Online Sermões Ú go PDF ] by António Vieira Ú Padre Ant Nio Vieira Lisboa,De Fevereiro DeBa A ADe Julho DeTinha Seis Anos Quando Foi Para O Brasil AosAnos Descobriu A Voca O Religiosa E Deu Entrada Na Companhia De Jesus Ordenado Sacerdote Em , N O Tardou A Dar Mostras De Uma Percep O Excepcional Para Os Problemas Sociais E De Uma Grande Facilidade Para A Ret Rica E Para A Escrita Entre Os Seus Textos Imortais Destacam Se, Por Exemplo, O Serm O Da Sexag Sima E O Serm O De Santo Ant Nio Aos Peixes Estas Duas Obras Constituem Apenas Dois Exemplos Que Sustentam A Forma Como Fernando Pessoa O Recordou Imperador Da L Ngua Portuguesa Who said Catholics cannot be clever oops, I guess it was meMy mistake, folks Without any exaggeration, after Cam es, it is fair to say that Vieira is the greatest expression of our Portuguese language, with its memorable writings, allied to a resounding oratory, capable of galvanizing the people in general and the royal courts A solid cultural background gave him the ability to interpret the Old and New Testaments, always faithful to the orthodoxy of the sacred facts narrated there, but constructing concepts in an odd way, explaining passages from new angles, commenting on certain parables under new prisms, finally, giving new focuses to a whole theological framework, always based on the Holy Book Vieira transformed the pulpit of the Churches, in Brazil, Portugal and Rome, in a dimension never before verified, dealing with religious, political, social, diplomatic and other questions with an eloquence and reasoning to make envy to many of the time, to which brought him serious tribulations Not only did he stir up the powerful of the time, whose material interests were seriously displeased, but he provoked certain quarrels in clerical authorities, which were not satisfied with the rapid rise of the already young Jesuit, and who ended up sending him into the clutches of the Holy Inquisition The Sermons of Padre Vieira are true pieces of what was best written in Portuguese, with unforgettable passages, all following a sequence, a logic, a clear and crystalline reasoning, that enchanted, that moved in the intimate, with the masses that had the privilege to hear it The denunciations he made of his evangelical tribune certainly could not please the powerful of the moment, as they were facts of public knowledge and notorious, but the great majority was afraid to comment, given the power of command of those involved But Vieira was not intimidated and shouted the full voice, the iniquities, the diversions of public money, the active and passive corruption, and other evils of the Colonies and the Metropolis, facts that do not differ much from certain scenes of the Brazilian life today The letters and sermons of Padre Vieira should be read and reread whenever possible, for they are true jewels of our language, a pleasure that is always renewed, which provides us with not only cultural and spiritual enrichment, but also a precise framework of an important time in our History With all the gongoric style of his own style, Vieira seduces us and conquers us with beautiful pages, which are nothingthan the lofty portrait of a very captivating and highly distinguished personality in the role of Portuguese authors of all centuries.

N o um livro de f cil leitura Tem frases em latim e conte do filos fico e teol gico tornar se por vezes bastante complexo Contudo, gra as a estes serm es que o Padre Ant nio Vieira foi considerado por Fernando Pessoa como o imperador da l ngua portuguesa T tulo ali s bem merecido, j que os serm es e cartas est o escritos numa prosa riqu ssima Os temas s o abordados de um modo bastante vanguardista para a poca e, em especial o serm o aos peixes, s o t o actuais como quando foram escritos um livro que recomendo a todos os que queriam enriquecer a sua cultura em l ngua portuguesa.
De dif cil leitura, mas inquietante, apaixonante Com conte do hist rico relevante e conceitos, frases e mensagens intemporais