Trailer ¿ Never Get Angry Again PDF by Ë David J. Lieberman

Trailer ¿ Never Get Angry Again PDF by Ë David J. Lieberman The first 30 pages and the last 50 are interesting and helpful Sadly, the middle 120 are shallow, trite, and often only loosely connected to anger.
All I can say is that this was boring and made me furious.
Never Get Angry Again Is New York Times And Internationally Bestselling Author David J Lieberman S Comprehensive, Holistic Look At The Underlying Emotional, Physical, And Spiritual Causes Of Anger, And A Practical Guide To What The Reader Can Do To Gain PerspectiveDavid J Lieberman Understands That A Change In Perspective Is All That Is Needed To Help Keep From Flying Off The Handle In Never Get Angry Again, He Reveals How To See Anger Through A Comprehensive, Holistic Lens, Illuminates The Underlying Emotional, Spiritual, And Physical Components Of Anger, And Gives The Readers Simple, Practical Tools To Snuff Out Anger Before It Even OccursTake A Deep Breath And Count To Ten Meditate Visualize Your Happy PlaceYou Ve Probably Heard All Of These Anger Management Techniques And From Friends, Family, And Experts, But Somehow They Miss The Mark When It Comes To Coping With The Complex Emotion Of AngerLet S Face It If Anger Management Techniques Were Effective, You Wouldn T Be Reading This Book These Clumsy Attempts To Maintain Calmness Are Usually Futile And Sometimes Emotionally Draining The Fact Is, Either Something Bothers Us Causing Anxiety, Frustration, Or Anger , Or It Doesn T A State Of Calm Is Better Accomplished By Not Becoming Agitated In The First Place When We Fight The Urge To Blow Up Or Melt Down, We Fight Against Our Own Nature If you wonder what it could look like to merge Psychology with Rocket Science, this could be it Dr Lieberman provides a guidebook to understanding our negative emotions, whether it is isolation, helplessness, or old painful events This is a book that everyone can find something helpful inside of I HIGHLY recommend this book.
Authors take note, this is how a book should be written Fluff free Clear Concise The studies are understandable and the techniques are practical and easy to use I am betting that this book will become an instant classic in the self help genre and certainly the go to book in anger management Library Journal has it right when they gave this book a starred review Bravo The author is a gifted writer who makes self help enjoyable to read The prose lifts of the page which is a huge plus because you just want to read and By the time i finished reading the book, I felt differently about my life, my past, my mother that s huge More compassionate about everyone, especially the compassion I feel towards myself This book highly recommended for anyone who is holding on to anger and resentment and you don t even have to apply the strategies because just reading about the root of your anger and the fears that its built on, causes it to somehow dissolve Freaky, actually But life changing, for sure.
I reserve the right to take my rating down to 4 Stars if I ever get angry again.

I don t understand the other reviewers who praise the way this book is written It is very slow and repetitive, and it uses multiple metaphors in one paragraph when none would do I was already becoming turned off when the book started talking about mazel and how all the challenging situations in your life are your destiny because they re needed for your development, and then I hit the super religious chapter about trusting in God I m sure that is useful to some readers, but not to me There s no magical force of fate that deliberately matches you up with challenges designed to promote your personal development, and I don t believe in a higher being so there s nothing there to trust.
Actually, speaking of trust, I should have trusted the wariness I felt upon reading the black and white thinking title Never Get Angry Again Anger is a normal human emotion It s not wrong to feel angry Some of the ways people may deal with it are not desirable, but it s impossible for any emotionally balanced, healthy human to never feel anger Any book that promises such a thing is unrealistic.
Mixing in some stuff about God and religion in this book was a deal breaker for me.
Call me snob, but I only read books that received a starred review from Library Journal I m much too busy to waste my time on fluffy titles and the Journal is as objective as you can get So I was thrilled to see a new book by David Lieberman I always lean with logic over emotions That s why I buy Lieberman s books The psychology is always spot on and clear, and the advise is PRACTICAL You can actually use it because it works This is all too rare these days with self help books So, imagine my reaction when I read in the book flap that he takes a holistic approach Argh But no He balances beautifully, spirituality with psychology and stays religion neutral throughout I help to coordinate several 12 Step Programs and found some pleasantly striking similarities between the 12 Steps and Lieberman s approach Never Get Angry Again is a life transforming book that goes right to the core of anger He writes Through a comprehensive, holistic lens, we reveal and illuminate the causes and components of anger These often include the gaping hole in our self esteem due to a rotten chaotic or traumatic childhood, failing or failed relationships with those important to us, or living a life that lacks any real passion and joy all fueled by an undercurrent of resentment as we wonder, where is God in all of this Life is unfair, so either He s not in charge, He doesn t care, or He simply hates me Not exactly self esteem boosters or anger reducers This book makes a wonderful companion to anyone in any of these programs The books also has his usual dashes of humor that make it lighter to read, as well I very highly recommend it