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[Geo Douglas] ↠´ Letters From The Universe [artificial-intelligence PDF] Read Online À Very informative I am pleased to read your book I recommend to everyone who interested in how the universe functions and we are in it Written very accessible and exciting life is a journey and in our journey things ome along every now and then to widen our way of thinking This book has been one of those moments It was given to me and at the time it seemed a good idea to read it, but then things kept coming up and it wasn t until this summer that I felt like reading it When I started reading the first letter I could see this book was going to talk about the science behind space and that is not my thing There are a few letters in this book, all easy to read and trying to pass on a message The message is clear that civilisation should visit space, but I struggled with the last letter The language and style of writing changed and I feel that all the energy that went into the last letter changes the reads view on the whole book This is an intresting quick read.
Happy reading Observe, Listen, And Go With The Flow Of Energy Letters From The Universe Presents A New, Simplistic Framework For This Vast Expanse We Exist In By Understanding The Cosmos And Knowing How Everything Began, We Can Emulate The Ways Of The Universe And Orchestrate A Beautiful Symphony Of Life, Love And Happiness You Will Learn How We Are Connected To The Universe What We Are Made Of And How We Are Connected To Each Other How Love Plays A Role In The Universe How To Tap Into The Frequency Of The Universe And Its Built In Intelligence How We Apply That Connection To Our Lives What Awaits Us In The Afterlife The Cosmos Explained With Simplicity The Author And His Team Of Astrophysicists And Cosmologists Present A New Theory Framework Of The Universe We As A People Can Learn To Explore Space In A Whole New Way, Allowing Us To Break Free From The Confines Of Our Own Solar System Insight On A Time Prior To The Big Bang How New Universes Are Born How Every Galaxy Was Created How Black Holes Are Formed How We Can Travel Faster Than The Speed Of Light Wormhole Predicted Outside Earth S Atmosphere On A Specific Day In The Universe Will Guide You If You Observe, Listen, And Go With The Flow Of Energy, You Will Discover A Cosmic Connection And Embark On A Love Affair With Both Nature And An Inner Awareness That Will Resonate With Purity And Beauty Your Journey Will Soon Take A Turn And Open Your Life To New Opportunities You Never Thought Possible It S Time To Stop Resisting These Prevailing Forces And To Start Having The Courage, Strength, And Knowledge To Ride That Wave Of Good Energy For The Rest Of Your Days On Planet Earth And Beyond Into The Afterlife The Universe Is Speaking It S Time To Listen This book was okay Although there s some good points and generally tell us how we should live, I feel the author has just begun on a spiritual journey and are still seeing things a bit too black and white for my opinion I would rather recommend the Conversations with God series and the Seth Material which is nuanced and varied, especially for the loving section of the book, after reading them I think you ll see the scientific sections don t really matter I can understand that those books might be heavy, this book is good for those that would rather not dwell to much upon the subject and just do, this can be a nice little introduction I m not too fond of the way the universe is challenging me and telling me what to do, in that case the Conversations with God is better and lets you do as you please because as God says there s nothing required from you Even tough what this book says is true and is what we need, have needed for a long time, I feel like there s an ulterior motive behind these words.
At times the book was very wordy and talked a lot about physics and math which is not my strong suit Other times in the book, I found that it was written specially for me and the Universe was sending me the messages I needed to hear This book was sent to me at exactly the right moment Thank you I liked the way this book was written and although I don t totally agree with the author s ideas I do agree that we are all connected and connected with the universe I believe through meditation we will continue to ascend and gain insight I appreciate this author and will than likely try of their books.
It s like a self help book that ties in science to justify our existence.

Thank you, Geo Douglas for the wonderful book I learned a lot of new and interesting about the universe, our planet and life There is something to think about.
Letters From The Universe The Framework of Everything and a Cosmic Guidance to Love, Life and Beyond LifeThis amazing book, Letter from the Universe is a quick read that breaks everything down in five letters that reminds us that we are one with the universe The author, Geo Douglas, teamed up with astrophysicists and cosmologists to help gather all of the information used in this book The universe is always relaying messages, we are just too busy to receive it Mediation is the key to clearing our minds, allowing us to focus and listen to what the universe is saying Boundaries are just a figment of our imagination They do not truly exist The universe states that all possibilities and opportunities are endless we just have to observe, listen and go with the flow of energy We should always reach for the stars no matter what we do and each time aim to be better than before.
Let me warn you, this book is straight knowledge and many of the things he says, I can relate to As I stated earlier, Geo teamed up with other great individuals, but he also inserted a lot of great quotes and references from people like Albert Einstein and the Wright brothers and A few things that really grabbed my attention was when Geo went into great details about the Big Bang Theory, the real reason for human existence and the importance of living life overflowing with love and kindness.
Quantum entanglement was one example that Geo gave really resonated with me In the letters, you will learn that distances are irrelevant when the communication of particles creates a connection This connection allows you to sense something is wrong with a loved one no matter how close or far away they may be Geo proceeds to teach about the cosmos He said if you learn the cosmos now the likely you will be able to survive as a species eternally This was so deep to me He also explains that death has to happen in order for you to live eternally If you grieve for someone you will block their presence Basically, celebrate their death and you will forever feel their presence Wow I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars Letters From The Universe is very educational as well as enlightening I would recommend this book to anyone interested in how the universe functions, how the galaxies are created, what role that each of us plays in the universe, questions about the Big Bang Theory and anything else you can think of pertaining to the universe If you do not take anything else from this book just remember to slow down in this busy world and observe We get so caught up with life that we often lose who we are and what our purpose is in life Always set higher goals and aspirations for yourself If you don t feel positive energy then something is blocking your path, find the obstacle, eliminate it and you will flourish.
Disclaimer I was sent this book by the publisher for free to review.
For the majority of this short book I was enjoying it, though I found certain parts to be too elementary and hand holding and then we d quickly move into concepts that require a much higher intelligence, topics that would be better utilized with time and content dedicated to them.
With that said, I was sitting at about 3.
5 4 star review through that time, until the final chapter The last chapter takes a hard left and while I don t entirely disagree with the direction it takes us, I don t feel that it was done in a very fluid way It felt almost like attending a cult recruitment meeting where it was a lot of vague pleasantries on how great life is and could be, and then wrapping it up with and that s why people who wear blue are the chosen ones it s not that I totally disagree, I m just not sure I understand the premise of the statementAnyway, I feel that some eloquent transitions and graphical illustrations would assist in getting the points across.
Finally, there are a plethora of great quotes from this book, and that shouldn t be overlooked or underappreciated.