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[ Read Online Kat and Juju ✓ spanish-literature PDF ] by Kataneh Vahdani µ Beautiful illustrations and a pleasant message for small children.
Sweet story for kidsThe art style was unique and had a good vibe The tale was one parent s can read and many kids can relate to especially introverts and kids moving to new places My boy said the part with the baby chick reminded him of when he had his little robot and it fell down so he picked it up and then had daddy put new batteries in so the robot could work again Good first reads pick My boy loves being read to and getting all these books is expensive so I appreciate free books we can read on his tablet.

A lovely little book about being yourself and not worrying what others think about you.
Adorable Picture Book with a Meaningful Message The illustrations in this book are absolutely beautiful I m not sure exactly how they were made it looks like a variety of mediums were used But the style is gorgeous and very unique Plus, this book has a wonderful message of staying true to yourself and not worrying so much about what others think I believe this message would resonate with many readers, of all ages, as we all feel insecure sometimes Overall, I think Kat and Juju is a fantastic picture book that would appeal to both children and adults I d definitely recommend it Gorgeous, thought provoking story for kidsReally lovely, imaginative story about an anxious little girl and her pet I m not a child so don t know how this might be received by its target audience but I would imagine it might spark interesting conversation with a little one Gorgeous art as well.
so cute i got this as my kindle first as a Prime Member u get to pick one book of their selection for free before it is alive to the public i think this is out in July great cover fun characters so cute i mean there are so many amazing illustrations i think my fave is when they are in the boat my hubby and i go kayaking all the time so this is so cute i want a print for a wall hanging precious made me smile love that great loved it what else can you say A nice lesson on facing fearsWe liked this book, me and my two children 8 and 5 We loved the illustrations, and thought it was a nice story with a good lesson about facing fear and loving each other Well done Enjoyable with my son An easy read a long for bedtime with starter readers My 6 year old enjoyed it and the message Illustrations were good and wish it luck to be an expanded series.
An Unlikely Duo Star In A Charming Story About Being Different, Finding Courage, And The Importance Of Friendship In The First Book In A New Series From An Award Winning Animation DirectorKat Likes Doing Things Her Very Own Way, But Sometimes She Doubts Herself So When A Bird Named Juju Arrives, Kat Hopes He Ll Be The Best Friend She S Always Wanted He S Outgoing And Silly And Doesn T Worry About What Others Think The Opposite Of Who She Is Bit By Bit, With Juju S Help, Kat Discovers Her Strength, And How To Have A Friend And Be One While Still Being True To Herself l loved itVery cute story I would highly recommend for any children that are shy or those that are afraid of being different The illustrations are beautiful as well Very cute and colorful.