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[ Read Online Hygge: Discovering the Danish Art of Happiness -- How to Live Cozily and Enjoy Life's Simple Pleasures Ä zombies PDF ] by Olivia Telford ☆ Really enjoyed this Best book on Hygge that I have readI have read other books on Hygge but this really explains the Hygge way of living so that it really made me want to incorporate it into my lifestyle I thought it was just a way to get through the winter months but it is really a lifestyle for year round living Great concept You Sometimes Feel Like Your Life Is A Mad Rush Without Ending Or Meaning Would You Like To Find Something That Offers Relaxation, Happiness And Contentment, All Rolled Into One You Can Have All Of That With The Danish Art Of Hygge And It Is Easier To Achieve Than You Perhaps Would Think For Many Of Us In Today S Crazy And Hectic World Of Careers, Family And Social Lives, We Can Often Forget That The Things Which Are Simpler And Give The Greatest Pleasure Are Often Put To One Side The Simple Pleasure Of Sitting In Silence, Watching The Sunset, Or Watching The Crackle Of A Fire As You Share A Meal Can Often Have A Greater Effect On Our Souls Than Any Material Thing And This Where Hygge Makes Its Mark Hygge Is Than Just A Concept It Is A Way Of Being And Living That Has Been Adopted By Countless Numbers Of People Throughout Scandinavia And The Wider World And Reflects A Cosiness That Encompasses The Positivity And Enjoyment That One Can Get From Simple Everyday Things It Does Not Need To Cost A Lot Of Money And Can Be As Humble As Having A Warm Fire And Enough Food To Eat Now, You Can Make Hygge A Part Of Your Life With Hygge Discovering The Danish Art Of Happiness How To Live Cosily And Enjoy Life S Simple Pleasures Inside The Pages Of This Book, You Will Find Chapters Which Give In Depth Information On What Hygge Is And How Best To Use It In Your Particular Set Of Circumstances, Including Where Hygge Comes From The Fundamental Principles Of Hygge The Benefits You Can Get From Living A Hygge Lifestyle How To Apply Hygge To Your Life How Hygge Changes With Each Season How To Live A Hygge Lifestyle, Even When You Have A Budget To Consider Millions Of People Around The World Are Turning To Hygge As A Great Way To Live Their Lives You Can Now Be A Part Of This Amazing Revolution, Build A Simpler Life, Be Happier, Content And In Control Of Your Life Click The Link Below To View The Book On WOWZA I got this book out of curiosityan information guide, if you will.
I did not realize how radically it would change enhance enrich my entire life I plan on giving a copy to my newly pregnant daughter so that she doesn t have to wait half a century to understand how free she can be As a side note, the author is correctyou can indeed find hygge gift sets online Brief and informativeI enjoyed learning about hygge and it s positive effects This was a brief, yet useful introduction I m always trying to arrange my living spaces to promote a comforting mood, so this information will be put to hood use.
Lovely ReadThis is the first book I have read by Olivia and I have to say I really loved it Good research done on Hygge, you really should read this if you like learning new perspectives on life This author really is up to the mark with her work Will be looking for any books of hers I can find, thanks for the pleasure you give the reader Great book, I love the attention to detail the author has She really changed my perspective and always gave great examples I m excited for what i ve learnt and to apply it to my life

This was a very enjoyable short audible listen My husband even enjoyed it He wrote a fb status Don t f up my Hygge Lol.
Loved it, beautifully written and really opened my eyes to a new way of living As this book states, Hygge is a lifestyle, not just a concept It requires practice to reprogram our brains from an incredibly fast paced lifestyle I found this book to be an intro to that lifestyle The concepts are not new, and some bits were repeated As I was reading, I viewed the options for the hygge lifestyle as reminders for daily living as I do live a lot of them already Physical comfort is important to me Also, I enjoyed the links to articles that backed up what Olivia was stating.