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[Paul Rega] ó How to Find A Job [oral-history PDF] Read Online ↠´ Paul Rega Is President Of A Retained Executive Search Firm He Founded In His Provocative New Book Strikes A Nerve With Millions Of Displaced Workers And Goes Well Beyond The Principles Of Job Hunting He Introduces A Revolutionary New Concept In Career Management And Personal Development Called Intuitive Personal Assessment IPA Paul Takes His Readers On A Powerful Journey As He Tells A Gripping Story About His Own Career And The Unique Challenges He S Faced As An Executive RecruiterThe Author Shares His Vast Knowledge Of Career Planning And The Inner Workings Of The Job Search Process, Citing Hundreds Of Proven And Effective Job Search Techniques He Explains How To Market Your Background To A Targeted Audience, Interviewing Skills And Techniques, Network Building Strategies, How To Utilize Personal And Business Contacts, Effective Use Of Social Media, Including LinkedIn, Facebook And Twitter, Insider Tips On Working With Recruiters, Salary And Benefits Negotiation, How To Write A Resume, Cover And Follow Up Letters, How To Start And Succeed In Your Own Business And MuchDespite The Many Challenges Faced By Those Suffering As A Result Of The Weak Job Market, Paul Believes That Change In One S Life Can Be Positive He Explains That, Change Throughout Your Life Is Inevitable, And As Your Life Changes So Often Does Your Career His Book Is An Effective Guide That Will Provide You With The Necessary Tools, Skills And Inside Knowledge From A Professional Recruiter To Help You Navigate Through Difficult Economic Times And Find A New Job Or Change Careers I strongly recommend this book to anyone looking for a job and need inspiration This book will motivate, focus and guide you in advancing your career.
This author has been there and shares with you all the knowledge in a way that a lot of other How to books don t Almost like he is speaking directly to you, telling you how it is.
How to Find A Job When There Are No Jobs is an inspiring guide to the often demoralising process of job hunting One of the best parts is the author s unique 12 Step Intuitive Personal Assessment IPA , which makes you thoroughly assess and identify your own unique career path In addition, the book is full of great tips and advice on areas such as networking, interview procedures and starting your own business, with lots of clear examples to illustrate the points made The book also contains an excellent list of websites where you can search for jobs This list alone makes the book worth much than its retail price

Finally, some great job search advice from a dependable source.
This book combines the author s personal and professional experience with the lessons learned along the way The author s approach is very unique because he combines mind, body and spirit This is very different from other How to Find A Job books that I have read I found the approach of mixing the preparation of a career with other things like eating right and exercising very refreshing A lot of thought and work went into preparing this book, and readers will find this book useful even if they are not currently looking for a job Highly recommended.