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[ Pdf The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be ☆ bombers PDF ] by Jack Canfield ☆ I m a great fan of self help books I read lots of them, enthusiastically, hoping for even one insight that will make me a better person Canfield s The Chicken Soup author offering in the genre is the dumbest self help book I ve ever read There are 65 principles for success in it, an absurd number that virtually guarantees that you ll never be able to follow any of them And every single one is a cliche To write this book, he must have gone to the bookstore, bought every self help book he could get his hands on, and then proceeded to take every recommendation in every tome and paste them all together Don t waste your money.
Reading Sucks That s what I used to think Before I ve read this book.
This Book completely Changed my life I ve never read a book in my life and took so much action towards change in my personality and my future success As I read the SIXTY FOUR principles, I never ran across a statement or a belief that I didn t find true The ones that I did question worked ONE HUNDRED Percent of the time Before I read this book I was quiet, timid, and quiet frankly angry all of the time I hated anything and everything, all day and everyday I also had the tendency to blame others for my problems Even when I first bought this book, I never gave the thought to open it.
I just bought it and then tossed it aside One day, my brother saw the book laying somewhere in my room which I don t know where and began to read the first couple pages This book is probably the best book you have ever written Was the first words my brother said to me after only reading the pages before the first chapter even begun.
Obviously, after that situation, I gave the book a try and never put the book down since Now I am motivated to read everyday, look for the bright side of life, and take full responsibility of my success and failure.
If you never buy Educational Self Help books this book is definitely worth reading I hated reading, but after reading this book I realized that there are thousands of books there for everyone You just haven t found one yet.

Let me tell you what I didn t like about this book 1 The name dropping stories will and in some cases already are dated This book will not hold up over the years He talks about people, TV Shows, movies etc, that in 75 years, no one will know what they are or who they were I had this problem when I read Napoleon Hill s books Stuff that was a normal mind set when he wrote the books are no longer applicable This caused me to grow frustrated while reading it.
2 The later principles talk about financial success Where the information is sound, it doesn t work for everyone It is not a blanket approach He says Don t think you can t do it Well, let me see, if I save 50% of my paycheck in a savings account what will I be Rich No I d be homeless If you make 100K a year, then this is a possibility If you make 40K a year, live in NYC and have a kid in college along with being a single parent, saving 50% of your check is not something you should be doing.
3 A lot of regurgitated information Most of the stuff in the earlier chapters I ve read or heard about over the last 20 years There is no new information in here.
4 Too much book plugging for his Chicken Soup for The Soul books We get it You made money with these books You had a million dollar idea blah blah blah.
Let me tell you what I did like about this book 1 I listened to the audio version so it was abridged I do have the physical copy, but I don t think I ll be reading that any time soon.
2 There is some good information in here for those who are new to Jack Canfield and or this way of thinking If you have been a student of manifesting and metaphysics for a while, this book will be too elementary.
3 I did like his principle on how you can self educate yourself People think schooling is the only way to get ahead Don t get me wrong, it sure helps, but you can learn things by reading or watching educational TV or films Or you can talk to people who can stimulate your thought process He talks about staying away from negative people and those who will pull you down.
4 He did mention Stephen King And I do understand that this is not an instant fix It should take years and years to master these principles This is a great book for a 25 year old For a 50 year old who has kids in college and gets paid minimum wage not so helpful financial info Although we can all have a successful mindset, and because of that, this book has merit.
This book was not very motivational for me.
I loved this book I read many motivational books and this is my favorite to date It has been the most inspiring for me I love his simple, precise writing not a word is wasted This book is one of those books where you start referring to your life in terms of before I read the book and after I read the book I recommend everyone read this There are no earth shattering revelations in here, per se what is great about this book is that the revelations come in the form of a new way to looking at things you already know Canfield is effective at telling you what you already knew in a way that makes you suddenly, finally, take note.
the Power of Attraction in disguise 100% 3 If you re a self help book reader like me , this book didn t really provide anything new or breakthrough You probably know everything already Why aren t we successful yet, then Maybe we forgot the principles, or we got sidetracked by other things I questioned whether I m that person who prayed to win a lottery but never actually buy the ticket.
This book helped in evaluating what you already did, what you could ve done, and what you could change It s a gentle kind of book, providing many heart warming examples Examples that made you think if they can do it, surely you can do it too It doesn t force you to do every single 25 steps at one time, take it at your own pace, but make sure to be persistent.
Being successful doesn t happen overnight I imagine it s like turning water to steam You put a lot of heat to it and you see nothing Only if you keep at it, it ll eventually boil and turned to steam Most people only see it at the moment it boils.
PS I think the book made me realize that I have a fear of rejection, even before I got rejected It s a chapter I d want to go back to and reread over and over again.
Jack Canfield has positivity in his hands and molds it to help him through all of his goals He has not only made millions of peoples dreams come true by helping to motivate them, but has now put his knowledge of success in one book The other inspiring part of this book is how he has managed to paraphrase other important and standard self help and motivational books and condensed the most important parts in his own He keeps you going with every page I would stay up to 3am reading, and recently a friend that I recommended this book to was so moved they woke up at 5am to continue reading on Since reading it I have meet only seriously positive and ambitious people and I have started noticing books and readings around town I picked up a local paper that was for women by women and it was centered around goals and positivity Hello, Law of Attraction anyone and it just keeps surrounding me Opportunities are opening up with the great new friends I have met I recommend this to EVERYONE It s a must read.
Jack Canfield, Cocreator Of The Phenomenal Bestselling Chicken Soup For The Soul Series, Turns To The Principles He S Studied, Taught, And Lived For Than Years In This Practical And Inspiring Guide That Will Help Any Aspiring Person Get From Where They Are To Where They Want To Be The Success Principles Will Teach You How To Increase Your Confidence, Tackle Daily Challenges, Live With Passion And Purpose, And Realize All Your Ambitions Not Merely A Collection Of Good Ideas, This Book Spells Out The Timeless Principles Used By Successful Men And Women Throughout History Taken Together And Practiced Every Day, These Principles Will Transform Your Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams Filled With Memorable And Inspiring Stories Of CEOs, World Class Athletes, Celebrities, And Everyday People, The Success Principles Will Give You The Proven Blueprint You Need To Achieve Any Goal You Desire I listened to this on audio and thought it was engaging and filled with inspiring principles There are many, many principles to choose from so it s an easy, adaptable way to pick and choose what you want to incorporate of in your life