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[ Pdf The Clique (The Clique, #1) ☆ theatre PDF ] by Lisi Harrison Ñ I am writing this review not as part of the middle school audience this book is targeted towards, but as an indignant college student looking back on a book series that may hopefully not have influenced my eighth grade perceptions There are numerous things wrong with not just this book, but The Clique series as a whole.
I can t begin to describe how shallow these books are While a depiction of this sort of lifestyle can make for good entertainment, that is only the case when it is paired with a plot that contains some substance The plot of these books, on the other hand, precisely mirrored the he said she said drama that characterized middle school life Reading the books as an eighth grader, I found them relatable but not interesting Reading them now, I am disgusted The books depict wealth as the ultimate aim for everyone, even middle school girls, to aspire to Our protagonist, Claire, is depicted as a normal girl she cannot afford the 780 tank tops that members of the clique wear Why anyone would wear a 780 tank top to middle school is far beyond me However, the girls in the clique don t accept Claire, and she is bullied and tormented by them I also recall Kristen, the only truly poor character in the series, cutting out the alligator that represents some high end clothing brand Lacoste and sewing it into generic brand polos to make them appear expensive I know I sound cliched right now, and I probably sound like my mother, but if the clique were Kristen s true friends, she wouldn t have had to put up that pretense It would have been understandable if the clique s exclusivity were somehow portrayed as wrong or what it really was catty, but at least it seemed this way to me it was what the book series caused readers to aspire to I read these books five years ago, and I still remember how beautiful Massie was, how thin her wrists were, etc These girls were never portrayed as having anything wrong with them The young, somewhat naive middle school girls who read these books, rather than seeing the clique as a group of shallow excuse my language bitches, aspired to be like them Curious side note after reading this book, five girls in my eighth grade class dubbed themselves The Leonardtown Clique Needless to say, I was not part of said clique However, I m not writing this review out of bitterness I m proud to say that, especially after attending Penn, I have become comfortable with myself, even if I don t have 780 tank tops or fake, plastic friends I m so thankful to be friends with the Claires and the Kristens of the world, instead of the Massies Another, albeit smaller, issue I had with the book has to do with one specific incident If I remember correctly, Alicia had just returned from Spain, and said something in Spanish, to which Massie replied something to the effect of it takes her time to remember she s American This leaves readers with the impression at least it left eighth grade me with the impression that expressing one s ethnic identity is somehow uncool It told me that cool was confined to one specific mold thin, rich, and white I get it, in groups and out groups Basic psychology Everyone wants to be in the in group The clique was almost homogeneously white even Alicia always acted white and was apparently chastised for doing otherwise.
Congratulations, Lisi Harrison In eighth grade, I was neither thin nor rich and I was certainly not white Your books managed to make the already low self esteem of eighth grade me plummet evenI didn t fit the mold, I thought, so I would never be cool or well liked or, most importantly, happy Your books teach middle schoolers all the wrong things Call me an idealist, but I d like to think it s not money that matters It s not the freshly waxed eyebrows or Coach charm bracelets or Gucci tank tops that make a personality, friendships, or happiness In spite of the messages conveyed in your shallow, fluffy books, I have finally taught myself that it s okay to be yourself your broke, uncool, ethnic self In a final throwback to your books, I d like to see myself as the pre clique Claire, the one that only has one pair of jeans This one s for all the other pre clique Claires out there.
I remember when I was grade 5 and I was so freaking obsess with this series it s insane.
Mean Girls Meets Middle School In The Clique The Only Thing Harder Than Getting In, Is Staying InEnter Claire Lyons, The New Girl From Florida In Keds And Two Year Old Gap Overalls, Who Is Clearly Not Clique Material Unfortunately For Her, While They Look For A New Home, Claire S Family Is Staying In The Guesthouse Of The One And Only Massie Block Queen Bee Of Octavian Country Day School Claire S Future Looks Worse Than A Bad Prada Knockoff But With A Little Luck And A Lot Of Scheming, Claire Might Just Come Up Smelling Like Chanel No Meet The Rest Of The Clique Massie Block With Her Glossy Brunette Bob And Laser Whitened Smile, Massie Is The Uncontested Ruler Of The Clique And The Rest Of The Social Scene At Octavian Country Day School, An Exclusive Private Girls School In Westchester County, New York Massie Knows You D Give Anything To Be Just Like Her Dylan Marvil Massie S Second In Command Who Divides Her Time Between Sucking Up To Massie And Sucking Down Atkins Diet Shakes Alicia Rivera As Sneaky As She Is Beautiful, Alicia Floats Easily Under Adult Radar Because She Seems So Sweet Would Love To Take Massie S Throne One Day Just Might Kristen Gregory She S Smart, Hardworking, And Will Insult You To Tears Faster Than You Can Say My Haircut Isn T Ugly I don t remember anything about this book except that it kept using haught and naught incorrectly and 12 year old Faith couldn t handle that kind of trash These books are great, plus they are totally unexpected I was just looking for a book that would be simple to read and since I am a girl, some that would be real easy to relate to Well, I saw this book in the store and I thought this would be a perfect over the top take on modern day middle school cliques and after I started reading it I realized I was not reading what I thought I was reading, it was something BETTER These books talk about a 12 year old, clothing obessed girl named Massie who lives in Westchester, New York totally rich and goes to an all girls school where she heads the population of the 7th grade along with her 3 best friends One day a middle class sweet girl named Claire moves in with Massie and she is forced to hang around her Of course Claire wants to be a part of this exclusive clique but all Massie does is bring her down The book really shows how mean girls can be when they do the simplest things Now I know what you re thinking this is just another book about a bunch of snotty, rich girls embarassing a poor sweet girl These books, though, I can assure you are a lot better than what they seem Although I would really recommend this book, at times the book can seem unrelatable just because these girls are mega rich Also as the series goes on the different things the girls run into being in Teen Vouge, starring in a major movie become unrealistic Even though this is a teen novel, the author writes the book very cleverly and you can hardly put the book down I would recommend this book even for an adult to at least try I give this book 4 stars.
I hated it Every Last Stinking Page Miss Harrison crafts a set of 4 wealthy, airheaded sluts, and then adds in a girl who is an outcast for wearing Keds WTF and eventually sells her soul so she doesn t have to endure the major emotional trauma of being made fun of sometimes I repeat, WTF It really is rather silly, and makes middle school girls idolize the wrong people In terms of being able to relate to the main characters, Massie makes Regina George in Mean Girls look like Bella Swan Even Regina had emotional depth and some humanness Whenever Lisi Harrison attempts to bring some of this into her own writing, it comes off as weak and shallow, and gets drowned out by the characters near constant gabbing on the complex social issue of Oh mah gawwwwd, what purse should I wear, the Prada or the Coach OMG No one is really like that, but these unrealistic characters are becoming role models And that scares me.
Reading The Clique is like attending an All You Can Eat Cupcake Buffet where the hosts force you to gorge for three hours straight.
Upon receiving the invitation, you become immediately aware that the concept works better on paper than it does in execution In fact, you might find yourself justifying your very intentions for participating, but still feel a guilty pleasure in the undertaking Who knows You might wind up enjoying yourself even if you have to hide it from your friends And if you hate yourself in the morning That s okay Life is for the living, and this is going to be an experience So you put on a bib and enter the buffet, only to realize that the cupcakes aren t from a lavish gourmet bakery They re store bought Entenmann s But you ve signed up to participate You can t back out now Steeling your willpower, you grab the first artificially flavored cupcake and nibble on the grade D quality icing You think, for the first and only time, Yeah, this isn t going to be pleasant, but I can do it I ll just pace myself Nibble, nibble.
And that s when the host mashes the cupcake into your mouth and screams, Eat it, you filthy pig Eat it And with tears streaming down your face and pounds of terrible, gritty cake in your mouth, you come to the horrifying realization that if you had only trusted your gut instinct, you wouldn t be choking to death Hour Two hits, and your stomach is in full on revolution mode Every time your barf gland is irritated, another damned Entemann s is slammed down your gullet, preventing anything from coming up You plead for mercy You promise your first born child You question the existence of God You question your own morals You choke down another cupcake Another plaid clad, bitchy cupcake This is disgusting, you think This is base There s no point to any of this You begin to slide out of consciousness, but another frosted Hell Cake is shoved into your mouth Time, however, is soon on your side The minutes are closing in, the seconds are ticking by your three hours are almost up The alarm rings You vomit.
And you want to buy yourself a Burberry scarf.
This book was terrible, not my taste at all I gave it a try Something different from what I normally read All it is is over 200 pages of annoying, rich teenage girls, doing stupid annoying stuff I can t stand teenage school girl gossip I try and stay as far away from it as possible However, if you like reading about girls who have lots of money who scheme behind each others backs, this book would be perfect for you I think you would really enjoy it.

This is a terrible book, part of a series that is at the top of many children s bestseller lists It is part of that huge chunk of media that reinforces cruel behavior among teenage girls Here are the popular and rich kids no coincidence that the two traits go together Massie, Bridget, Alicia, and Kristen Here is the pretty, nice, and middle class girl, Claire, who only has one pair of jeans They are white and from the gap And she wears Platform Keds Let s devote 100 pages to how the Clique tortures Claire to the extreme, 50 pages to how she gets them back, and another 50 pages to how she STILL DESPERATELY wants to be friends with them The saddest part of it is that they are in 7th grade and wear 780 gucci halter tops All they care about is designer clothing and cruelty There are some brief glances of humanity, but for the most part it is devoid of any intelligent or real sentiment It saddens me that this is the most popular series that young women are reading It really does I won t go off onto a tirade about how culture has devolved into this, but really this book is evil at its purest.
Um, yeah So the teen girls at the library are crazy about this series, so I decided to see what it was about It s ridiculous It centers around a group of vapid, cruel girls, and how our main character really wants to be a part of their clique And there s no sense of self realization, where she discovers she s better off, or where she comes to terms with who she is No we re just left with the impression that if she works hard enough, maybe she ll be able to get in the clique I think that the popularity of this book is a sad reflection on how hard it is to be a young girl in the 21st century Seriously.