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[E. Lockhart] Ç The Boy Book: A Study of Habits and Behaviors, Plus Techniques for Taming Them (Ruby Oliver, #2) [world-of-darkness PDF] Read Online Ý I d promised to hold off on reading this for one of my meh reading days, but I just couldn t help myself and picked it up and I loved it I m done pretending to possess any self control whatsoever when it comes to this series because I am most definitely starting the third one now Why, you ask Ruby Oliver is a littleaware of goings on in Tate She s a little tougher, not so naive but still funny as heck I think the first one was sufficient on it s own, but if this sequel proves anything, it s that one can never have too much of a good thing Because a good thing, is what this is Only sometimes I really wanted to shake her Mostly, though, I was laughing alongside her Here s what I m thinking right now a I should probably get some sleep except these characters are still running around in my head Some, I want to hug Noel, while others Kim, Jackson, Nora, Cricket, heck, even Ruby sometimes, I want to clunk on the head with a very, very thick book.
b And Noel, aaawh But if I ve gotten anything from Ruby, Dr Z, it s not supposed to about the boy, but about knowing what you want and figuring out how to get it c I do wish she d heed Meghan s advice about keeping her nose out of things things involving Kim and Jackson, and even things to do with Nora Said feeling coming from a purely spiteful they deserve whatever was coming their way stance Except Ruby, after months of therapy, time with newfound friends, and even time with her parents, had turned intoevolved type of girl and thus grown up.
The best thing about this is how real she comes across defintely insecure and slightly neurotic Fortunately, like I said, there are new friends, a therapist, and unconventional parents who helped along the way.
This is the second Ruby Oliver novel So far, I ve found the Ruby books to be quick, fun reads Social issues very typical in middle and high schools everywhere are addressed in humorous, yet helpful ways Ruby is genuine and shares her honest, unfiltered thoughts I think this is important, because these are really the things we tend to talk about and that can make us feel isolated.
all alone with our wacky thoughts The Ruby books serve as perfect reminders that there are plenty of like minded souls we may just have to look a bit harder.
This series continues to impress me so, so much While reading this one I just kept thinking that I ve seen this girl so many times before the quirky, talkative, somewhat eccentric girl 1 The girl who soldiers on even when everyone s against her This girl is a major fixture in young adult novels Ruby Oliver has all of these attributes, yes, but they re just a fraction of her whole self She s neurotic and jealous, thoughtful and earnest, petty and generous She feels lust and remorse and pride and self hatred She s a character that you want to get up and cheer for, shake your head at, give a consoling hug to, and hang out with after school And she s so fully dimensional that reading these books feels like doing all of those things Here s the thing about her that gets under my skin the most she tries so damn hard She s not perfect but she keeps trying Things are evencomplicated in this book, after the scandal that left Ruby a roly poly 2 and a famous slut 3 in the first book is finally starting to die down Her former best friend Kim who was chiefly responsible for spreading those horrible rumors about her is on exchange in Tokyo for the school year, and now her ex boyfriend Jackson and her ex friend Nora seem to want to be in her life again It would be easy for Ruby to let them back in without making a fuss, to passively accept whatever they have to offer and try to make herself forget everything that s happened It would also be easy for her to cut them ruthlessly out of her life and never look back Well, relatively easy anyway What s hard is finding a balance, between being a good friend and a good person, and maintaining her self respect Ruby must find a way to establish boundaries, but accept the friendship that she wants I know that all of these titles will lead readers to believe that these books are all about THE BOYS And yes, there are a number of sweet love interests in these books 4 but to say that they re all about boys would be selling them very short These books are about Ruby s personal growth, toward being a better friend and toward being a stronger person There are triumphant moments like when she gives Kim the boy book I practically cheered 5 but they are a quieter brand of triumph There s no exaggerated comeuppance for the villains and there s no sudden and complete awakenings for Ruby There are no villains for that matter, and Ruby is no reformed girl And I love her all thefor itI can t figure out out to do superscript in here Boo 1 Young adult books featuring quirky, talkative, somewhat eccentric girls who soldier on Heidi, Anne of Green Gables, A Little Princess, Lola And The Boy Next Door, The Princess Diaries, Flat Out Love, Crown Duel, Hex Hall, Saving Francesca, Anna And The French Kiss, The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants Note that many of these are favorites of mine 2 Roly Poly just one of the many fun words coined by Ruby and essentially meaning social outcast A replacement of the term leper due to the facts that a leprosy is actually not all that contagious and b doesn t actually result in blue green discoloration of the skin read the books to actually make sense of that reasoning Also, read the books forfun terms like chunder, Ag, mocha latte, and Reginald 3 Famous slut this is how Ruby feels labeled after the events of the first book It s incredible how much subtext there is in these books about girls not being ashamed to be sexual and not being afraid to stand up for themselves 4 Okay, I know these books AREN T really about the boys, but there are some wonderful, realistic, awkward love interests in these books Which I will now shallowly rate in order of my preference Hutch yes, seriouslyhe snuck up on me , Noel, Gideon, Finn, Shiv, that one guy that asked for Ruby s number at a party but never called, and finallyI guessJackson bastard 5 That scene got to me so much It would have been satisfying to see Ruby lay the smack down on Kimbut it was even better to see her treat Kim with respect Oh RubyPerfect Musical PairingCyndi Lauper InsecuriousI love it when I can use the excuse of finding a PMP aka, PiMPing my review with awesome music to go through the whole catalogue of one of my favorite artists If this isn t a Ruby Oliver song, then I don t know what is Firstly, the title is a made up word And secondly, there s thisHow can I trust my intuitionI don t hear what you need to sayI got to know is this feeling fact or fictionTake these doubts awayYou say I m insecureI say I m just curious I think this song perfectly captures what it s like to be in a relationship with that person who is so non communicative and and falsely happy hello, Jackson that it just turns you into a paranoid, insecure mess And now I have the perfect retort for that person I m not insecure I m insecurious Take that Jackson Also seen on The Readventurer.
Another hilarious installment in the life of Ruby Oliver, this time documenting everything you could possibly need to know about boys This includes The Care and Ownership of Boobs, Levels of Boyfriends, Clever Comebacks to Catcalls and Why Girls are Better than Boys as well as a number of other need to know pieces of boy wisdom.
In case you weren t aware by now, girls are better than boys because we smell better, always carry tampons and arelikely to survive if we fall off an ocean liner Basically, this book is non stop fun with a few actually important life lessons and issues thrown in there as well There s a great deal of tackling sexism in it s many forms subtle and otherwise and also expressing feminist values without overdoing it Most of it I agree with and I love how the author uses humour to prove her point rather than the traditional block my ears now rant about seeing girls as sexual objects I have one issue that I can t resist to point out, it s nothing original and it s been talked about and dissected a million times over catcalling Or wolf whistling Or car horn honking I honestly don t think this is sexist, if I saw a hot guy walking down the road I might attempt pitifully to wolf whistle and then possibly duck behind something like a 12 year old My point is and feel free to disagree people go perving on each other all the time regardless of gender I ve never saw this as an issue, just something I wanted to comment on even though I know very few people will actually care On the subject of boys, as that s kinda what this book is about, I really like that E Lockhart doesn t give us a romanticised set of unrealistic and angelic male characters Like I found with Melina Marchetta, we get the honest version of teenage boys and it ain t so pretty rather than some sparkling, love you forever and always Edward Cullen This is obviously what I ve been missing while I was wasting my time trying to find something worthwhile in the fantasy and paranormal romance side of young adult literature Long live realistic fiction, it seems like that s where it s at lately.
The Boy Book was another surprising read for me, like I mentioned before, I ve struggled with YA lately, but with the Ruby Oliver series, I m just able to connect on so many levels with Ruby and what she s going through, that it s making this series such a fun read for me In The Boy Book, Ruby is trying to make it through junior year, with everything that went on last year, I was hoping that things would have settled down a bitfor her It was fun following Ruby on this journey through high school, of finding her place and making sense of herself There were some characters once again who proper annoyed me, it was like they hadn t learnt from things since last time and I couldn t stand how others could just brush things aside and act like things were okay This aside, I liked how Ruby was able to make friends in the most unexpected of places such as with Meghan and Noel, Meghan just because the way she acted, everyone had made assumptions of her, but once Ruby got to know her, you realised she wasn t the airhead everyone thought her to be Despite me only giving this book three stars, that s not to say I didn t enjoy it, a three star rating for me is a decent read and of course Lockhart was once again able to bring so much laugh out loud moments to this story, Ruby herself is such a funny person, I never had so much fun reading someone s internal monologue It s just that I feel as if I didn t enjoy this book as much as I did the first book, but that hasn t put me off reading the rest of the series and being back with Ruby s life once

This wasn t bad Sure, it s full of cliches, and Ruby doesn t get with the guy I wanted her to get with, but honestly, I didn t expect this to be amazing It s teen chick lit, and it delivers as teen chick lit I haven t read the first book in the series, and I don t want to read the first book But if I ever come across the sequels, I might read them if I m bored Ruby reminds me of Junie B Jones Weird, but true And Noel reminds me of the Colonel from Looking for Alaska You think such a combination would make a four star book Sadly, no.
The exact nature of this genre is what brings the The Boy Book down If E Lockhart had deviated from those ever so comfortable, well warn cliches, this would have been truly awesome It might have been Printz material The Bad1 Kim has no personality outside of the catty, petty, boyfriend stealing, best friend Now, I haven t read The Boyfriend List, but this seems to stand pretty well on it s own I didn t realize this was the second book until I looked it up on Goodreads If Kim had been fleshed out, she had the potential to be a wonderful character The same goes for Megan and Nora, who were both barely functional as characters They make the Dessen Scott friends look like brilliant 3d creations 2 The cliches The outright abundance of cliches.
3 The pacing At times, I started to skim because Ruby was rambling.
4 The dependence these girls have on boys They bring new meaning to boy crazy 5 The ending.
6 The Meg Cabotism 7 The fact that Ruby had to play the martyr The Good1 Ruby was a good narrator I actually enjoyed being in her head She didn t annoy me and I actually rooted for her At times, she was pretty funny 2 Noel Hands down, Noel is my favorite character He s funny and he s a faux bad boy Meaning, he isn t a brooding jerk with a tragic past 3 The fact that Ruby gets rid of her Boy Book I think that s a real sign of maturity And we re defeating misandry 4 Ruby learned from her mistakes and moved on Finally, a protagonist actually grows up and learns from the past 2.
5 stars because I think this showed great potential Unfortunately, those looking for something other than teen chick lit won t find it here.
Initial reaction This Was Awesome I loved it, and I adore Ruby I m glad to see some of the resolutions to relationships in this book, as well as openings for potential new threads in the upcoming series I decided not to factor the audiobook in my rating because I ended up ditching it and checking out an e copy they had available at the library because I loved the story so much I completely and utterly HATED the audiobook, and I don t say that lightly More on this to come in my full review.
Full review Oh Ruby Oliver, how I adore you and it seems like there aren t enough strong young ladies like you taking the reins of YA literature and riding off into the sunset You might not be in your happy place yet, but certainly it s a pleasure to watch you grow and work your way towards it.
I think this is one of the best series I ve come across in a while, because not only is the heroine genuinely humorous and easy to follow, she faces quite a bit of challenges Relationships with boys being a significant part of that.
When we last left off with Ruby in The Boyfriend List, she d managed to find a way to come to terms with some hard times in her social circles losing friends, losing two close relationships on different levels, dealing with panic attacks, among other things The Boy Book picks up the pace as Ruby still has to deal with the fallout of events Her best friend is no longer her best friend, but yet Ruby faces building bonds with others again, and actually coming to terms with some fragmented relationships that didn t have the meaning that Ruby thought they had in retrospect It s very much a story of where Ruby s trying to get back to sorts, yet she has a fresh voice and humor to things that make it well worth following her through those hills.
Ultimately, this book centers itself around the existence of The Boy Book sort of a guide to how to approach relationships with guys based on experiences and rules Ruby s matter of point delivery makes it both humorous and illustrates some of the conflict that can come with those relationships It was touched upon in the last, butof a focus in this one I enjoyed it, and couldn t help but think I wish I had this book to read in my teen years It s a story with a lot of heart and ultimately has Ruby growing in so many ways by the end of the work, with some threads left open to lead into the series .
I thought Ruby s budding relationships with Noel and Angelo were cute here And I did appreciate an eye to Ruby trying to not only mend her relationships with her former friends, though the results of that certainly varied on the scales, and left Ruby biting off a bitthan she could handle in some turns Luckily Dr Z isn t too far along to help Ruby through those turns, and Ruby s parents remain in the scene, sometimes supporting Ruby and other times maybe proving a little too much help I laughed at some of their interactions and attempts though.
I did have one bone to pick with the story, but that was not a fault of the series at all, so it didn t factor into my rating, but I actually read two formats of this book in my reading experience I started with the audiobook because for The Boyfriend List , I really enjoyed Mandy Siegfried s narration of it To me, her voice captured Ruby perfectly I didn t realize that they changed narrators for the series starting with this book Normally I would be fine with that as long as the narrator can carry the story.
I have to be blunt about it, though the audiobook for this was TERRIBLE I don t understand why the narrator was changed to someone who couldn t capture Ruby s voice and humor, being so out of place that it often missed on opportunities and didto throw me out of the book than anything else The delivery felt so dry, unemotional, and quite awkward I was very disappointed in it and had to stop a good way in because I couldn t stand it I didn t want to put the book down, though, so I checked out an e copy at my library and finished out the work from there It s not that I think Kirsten Potter is a lacking narrator she was just a wrong fit for this series in my opinion I have heard her narrate other works, and granted she was fine on those, but it seriously made me wonder how the narration could ve been so awkward for such a fun series.
Nonetheless, having read The Boy Book I m eagerly reading on I can t wait to seeof Ruby and how her relationships unfold from here on out This is shaping up to be one of my favorite chick lit humor romantic reads in YA.
Overall score 4.
5 5 E Lockhart makes me want to go back to high school so that I can do it again and do it right this time I am convinced that with the tools I learned in this book, that I will be a master Oh and I really want to meet a boy like Angelo Somehow I missed knowing anyone like him in high school The Boy Book is the second book in a four book series that focuses on Ruby Oliver Ruby is a student at a private high school in Seattle, she has two off beat parents who mean oh so well but are pretty funny in their attempts , and at the start of The Boy Book, Ruby believes that she doesn t have any friends The Ruby Oliver series is a message series It is about the true meaning of friendship and what it takes to be a true friend It is about the conflict between the positive feeling having a boyfriend gives to a girl v the struggle with what if he is actually a jerk It is about the meaning and effect of labeling other people And it is about the crazies and confusions that dating and liking love interests in high school brings to a high school teenagers life But even though the Ruby Oliver series is a message series and The Boy Book teaches so many great things it never comes off as a after school special These messages are delivered through experiences and character growth But really super important, these books are hilarious, they are fun and the main character Ruby feels like my best friend or maybe even me E Lockhart is brilliant So Ruby is like many high school girls There are some good things about her, she is okay at some things, bad at others, she isn t drop dead gorgeous but some of her friends are and she has some positive physical attributes This is a quote from the first book in this series and it gives you an idea how Ruby is not described, I hate those endless descriptions of a heroine s physical attributesit really bothers me how in books it seems like the only two choices are perfection or self hatred As if readers will only like a character who s ideal or completely shattered Ruby is still discovering who she is, learning to appreciate her great legs and learning to appreciate that guys like her legsSo, it is really hard to tap into why this book is so fun, I will just summarize some of the plot lines Hooter Rescue Squad, Penguins, Llamas, the stockpiling of fruit rollups, a discussion on reclaiming the label of slut along with learning why that label gets thrown around , the realization that the kid with acne may not actually like having acne, an appreciation for guys who know how to properly grope boobs this is carried over from the first book very important , public embarrassment from parents, confrontations with a former best friend turned arch enemy, and lots of fun and yummy boy crushes Ruby is fun, makes mistakes and never ends up with the guy she thinks she wants Kinda like real life but better maybe because she lives on a houseboat with a greenhouse I highly recommend this book for anyone in high school or who has ever gone to high school.
In a slight daze of fascinatingly horrified recollection of what it was like to be a sixteen year old girl and in a sudden unexpected surge of previously dormant maternal instinct I just want to reach into this book and reassuringly pat Ruby Oliver on her shoulderNice job growing up, Roo I m actually really proud of you.
It s pretty rare for me to like the sequelthan its predecessor But how can I not in this case I am so proud of Ruby s honest attempts to straighten out that whole mess of adolescence that we have all lived suffered through and, most importantly, to actually figure herself out and DEAL with her problems in aor less mature way She did come a looooong way from the seemingly shallow, passive, and really obsessed with boys and arbitrary private school social conventions girl to a still very flawed and insecure young woman who is nevertheless finding her own voice and is growing up to appreciate all the other important stuff in life And boy, is it complicated for Ruby or what Think about what you want from a situation, Doctor Z is always saying, and then try to get it She says that to get me to stop being so passive Because I talk too much and think too much and don t take action to get what I want Because I blurt stuff out that might be how I feel, but that isn t remotely conducive to decent human relations.
Despite the title The Boy Book, this story is not as much about boys The titular book with all the hilarious excerpts from it involving practical advice on phone conversations with boys, making out, dating rules and other vitally important information is really a reminder left for Ruby from simpler days before the mess with her now ex boyfriend Jackson, before her best friend became her mortal enemy, before she achieved a dreaded leper status at her high school It is her link to happier times with her former friends Kim, Nora and Crickets, all of whom she misses terribly now, and simple solutions for every possible boy related situations that seem to not work as well in real life any I can t tell if we re friends or not, I said finally You and me I can t tell, either, she almost whispered.
No, this is a story about finding yourself and learning to stand up for yourself a bit, about making right choices even when you don t want to, about learning to appreciate true friendship and kindness, about consequences that come with all your choices, and about the need to bounce back and recover no matter how badly you think you ve been brought down Ruby s voice is decidedlymature,grown up but still every bit as recognizably funny, quirky, and snarky as the one that won us over in the previous book E.
Lockhart is excellent at making Ruby sound like a real teenage girl, likeable and adorable and often clueless and slightly annoying at the same time Reading her smartass comments makes me giggle and nod in recognition of the emotions that I had when I was that age And her footnotes and lists I absolutely adore them Jackson was there in my mind, all the time Like a tumor.
I love that this book continues to tackle the question of friendship between girls We are often led to believe that, unlike for boys, there is little chance for true friendship between girls because they are jealous and competitive and often backstabbing and will inevitably squabble over a boy and view each others as little else but potential rivals So many YA books have evil female characters that seem to have been introduced for little else but showcasing how the protagonist is a better that the clearly true female stereotype, and b to be a bitch to the awesome protagonist Well, this is not the message of The Boy Book Yes, there is Kim and the destruction of her friendship with Ruby But there are also Meghan and Nora who are there for Ruby when her world seems to collapseAnd none of them is the designated ugly friend , the type that many non evil friends in YA fiction seem to belong to, reinforcing the stereotype that girls can only be friends with other girls if they are non threatening from a boyfriend stealing approach UghhhIn fact, the thing that got Ruby in trouble to begin with is not as much boy issues as the perceived breaking of trust between friends I left it in her mail cubby, though I had to squash it in order to get it in It was easier than giving it to her in person And I felt relieved Like that whole era of my life was over Like The Boy Book and everything it stood for me, Nora and Cricket and Kim was done with And the thoughts inside it too Some of them were worth remembering The front close bra and not sunbathing topless and the clever comebacks to catcalls But most of it was in the past It was a document of how I used to think When I was, sort of, someone else.
I love that this book does not portray any kind of idealized love that many YA books are prone to do nowadays I m glad that it shows friendship between girls that does not hinge on boys or is threatened by boys in addition to the friendship that does I love that girls in this book feel free and secure to explore their sexuality without strict moralistic lessons coming out of it I love that slut shaming itself gets shamed, since I think that it is a despicable concept that continues to be perpetuated in our culture as an ugly relic of simpler times of not so long ago I love that there are no Mary Sue characters that as of lately seem to fill the majority of YA books I love the adorable email exchanges between Ruby and Noel that made me happily giggle Basically, I adore this book I loved this book and could not put it down 4.
5 stars and I m rounding up without much hesitation It was such a fun read, and it made me feel so relieved that I will never ever be a teenager again Hooter Rescue Squad, Official Memo Dear SHAR, It has come to our attention that despite your supposed abandonment of Mission Van Deusen, and also despite your neglect of your role as Mission Director, you have nevertheless acted heroically on behalf of the hooters In recognition of your efforts, we hereby grant you the official Rescue Squad medal of honor, which comes in the form of a large slice of pizza with the topping of your choice, to be consumed after swim practice today or on the day of your choosing It s true, once you eat the pizza, you will have nothing to display on your mantelpiece, but hey we are a low rent organization It s the best we can do Vehicular transport will await you outside the pool at 4 30 p.
m Pacific time , unless you inform us otherwise Sincerely, and with my utmost congratulations, SHAN.
Here Is How Things Stand At The Beginning Of Newly Licensed Driver Ruby Oliver S Junior Year At Tate Prep Kim Not Speaking Far Away In TokyoCricket Not SpeakingNora Speaking Sort Of Chatted A Couple Times This Summer When They Bumped Into Each Other Outside Of School Once Shopping In The U District, And Once In The Elliot Bay bookstore But She Hadn T Called Ruby, Or AnythingNoel Didn T Care What Anyone ThinksMeghan Didn T Have Any Other FriendsDr Z SpeakingAnd Jackson The Big One Not SpeakingBut, By Winter Break, A New Job, An Unlikely But Satisfying Friend Combo, Additional Entries To The Boy Book And Many Difficult Decisions Help Ruby To See That There Is, Indeed, Life Outside The Tate Universe