Download Epub Format ¹ How to Stop Worrying and Start Living PDF by Ç Dale Carnegie

Download Epub Format ¹ How to Stop Worrying and Start Living PDF by Ç Dale Carnegie The advice Carnegie gives is all stuff you ve heard before, but he pairs it with compelling stories about people who ve taken the worrying to an extreme and who ve totally turned their lives around by ditching their angst Some of my favorite points Fatigue comes from stress, not from work Becoming wise is a path As you go, remember that compassionate, considered responses make life manageable.
Contented life is a choice.
Remember, it s pointless to worry about insomnia, because you won t die of lack of sleep, your body won t let you Aaaaahhhhh I can already feel my worries melting away Seriously, worrying is the cause of so many problems that we should all do our best to vanquish it.
How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, Dale Carnegie 1888 1955 How to Stop Worrying and Start Living is a self help book by Dale Carnegie It was first printed in Great Britain in 1948 1968 2014 1389 340 9786005361131 1392 20 1329 264 1386 452 1376 434 9645840082 1391 408 9786009292691 1385 112 9647640684 1366 384 9647640684 1379 392 9789644173431 1372 240 1384 336 17 11 9647727739 1392 247 1366 295 1363 1385 462 1379 352 9649170464.

Genre Self improvement.
Publication Date 1948This book is the need of the hour.
The author has spoken about how worries at different personal and business levels has affected an individual and how it has been a reason for the development of certain disease that could have been avoided He narrates numerous examples of how people, when in dire situations, some unimaginable, were able to cope with their miseries and turn their negative condition to a positive one.
Few of the points worth mentioning from the book are We should be so incredibly busy in whatever we can do, so that we don t get any time to dwell, it maybe our work, socialising, singing, working out, dancing you know or lost in art We must pick stuff to do and get going We must help the ones that need us and express gratitude where ever we can, for that increases our contentment with life Rest before you get tired On reading the book, we realise how futile it is to spend time worrying on anything, for what we can control we should improvise and what we cannot, we should just let go It has helped me gain perspective and at times help me lower my own worries If we can learn to enjoy the mundane that causes boredom, we will be able to live a fuller life of lesser worry and fatigue and perhaps stumble across something beautiful Its worth a read and hope it helps you too.
Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune This book along with other books by Dale Carnegie can be life changing The book takes the incessant problem of worry, head on It says that of all the liars in the world most of the time it s our own fears and worries Worry doesn t take away your troubles but it do take away your peace, that s the main message of the book He starts very scientifically by searching the causes behind the worry, by taking many case studies The advice given in the book are really helpful Its a classic book that must be read if you are in depression and want to come out of it.
Carnegie wrote this book into eight parts.
PART I Fundamental facts you should know about worry.
Often we worry because we take the burden of both the past and the future with us today That makes the situation look much difficult What we should do is to focus just on today.
To solve worry situations, there are three steps you should do First, ask yourself what is the worst that could happen Second, be willing to accept the worst if necessary Third, calmly try to fix the situation you have accepted.
PART II Basic Techniques in Analyzing Worry.
To overcome worrying, you should know how to analyze and solve worry problems You can do that by finding and collecting all the facts, analyzing those facts, making a decision, and act on it We usually worry about something we are uncertain about Once we get everything clear, we can see what we should do about it.
PART III How to Break the Worry Habit Before it Breaks You.
There is one simple way to crowd worry out of your mind make yourself busy When our mind is occupied with work, we won t have time to worry I think it applies not only to worry, but to all kinds of negative thoughts as well We will greatly decrease their influence if we are busy doing something constructive Often we aren t happy because we try to change things we can t change One should learn to identify those things and accept them.
PART IV Ways to Cultivate a Mental Attitude That Will Bring You Peace and Happiness.
There is a magic way to cure depression make other people happy If you focus on how to make others happy, you will inevitable make yourself happy The less you think about yourself, the you will be happy One important Rule Instead of worrying about ingratitude, let expect it.
PART V The Perfect Way to Conquer Worry.
Carnegie wrote in his book that one day when his father returned from Maryville, where the banker had threatened to foreclose the mortgage, he stopped his horses on a bridge crossing a river, got off the wagon, and stood for a long time looking down at the water, debating with himself whether he should jump in and end it all.
Years later, Carnegie Sr told him that the only reason he didn t jump was because of his mother s deep, abiding, and joyous belief that if we loved God and kept His commandments everything would come out all right His Mother was right Everything did come out all right in the end His Father lived forty two happy years longer, and died in 1941, at the age of eighty nine.
PART VI How to Keep From Worrying About Criticism.
Do your work as good as possible and then open your umbrella so that the rain of criticisms won t touch you Once I ve done my best, I can be happy no matter what people say.
One of the best teachers is your own experience You can learn from it by taking notes of the fool things you have done and criticize yourself If you constantly do this, you will constantly improve yourself.
PART VII 6 Ways to Prevent Fatigue and Worry and Keep Your Energy and Spirits High.
Dale Carnegie listed down the following six ways in his book Rest before you get tired Learn to relax at your work Learn to relax at home Apply good working habits clear your desk of all papers except those relating to the immediate problem at hand do things in the order of their importance when you face a problem, solve it then and there if you have the facts necessary to make a decision and learn to organize, deputize, and supervise To prevent worry and fatigue, put enthusiasm into your work and Remember that no one was ever killed by lack of sleep It is worrying about insomnia that does the damage not the insomnia itself If you can t sleep, get up and work or read until you do feel sleepy While it may seem counter intuitive, one of the best ways to increase your productivity is to take rest regularly Take rest before you feel tired Doing this simple thing will energize yourself throughout the day and enable you to accomplish.
Learning to banish boredom is essential for happiness An effective way to do that is by making what you do interesting Even things that look boring can be made interesting if you are creative PART VIII How I Conquered Worry.
This part contains many stories of individuals who applied the principles outlined in previous parts There are also some new tips that haven t been covered before.
Reading How to Stop Worrying and Start Living is like reading centuries worth of wisdom in one book Highly Recommended The Book How To Stop Worrying Start Living Suggest Many Ways To Conquer Worry And Lead A Wonderful LifeThe Book Mentions Fundamental Facts To Know About Worry And Magic Formula For Solving Worry Some SituationsPsychologists Doctors View Worry Can Make Even The Most Stolid Person IllWorry May Cause Nervous BreakdownWorry Can Even Cause Tooth DecayWorry Is One Of The Factors For High Blood PressureWorry Makes You Tense And Nervous And Affect The Nerves Of Your StomachThe Book Suggests Basic Techniques In Analysing Worry, Step By Step, In Order To Cope Up With ThemA Very Interesting Feature Of The Book Is How To Eliminate % Of Your Business WorriesThe Book Offers Ways To Cultivate A Mental Attitude That Will Bring You Peace And Happiness Also, The Golden Rule For Conquering Worry, Keeping Your Energy Spirits HighThe Book Consists Of Some True Stories Which Will Help The Readers In Conquering Worry To Lead You To Success In LifeThe Book Is Full Of Similar Incidences And Narrations Which Will Make Our Readers To Understand The Situation In An Easy Way And Lead A Happy Life A Must read Book For Everyone