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[ Pdf Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood ô epic PDF ] by Ann Brashares í I read this one to finish out the series Knowing who the books are primarily written for, I would strongly recommend that mothers read the book first and then determine if they want their daughters to read it The conflicts for lack of a better word that the protagonists face in this book are rather mature for a young audience I would exercise much caution I think it could be the catalyst for some important conversations on morality and other coming of age topics, and if used in this context it might be useful for both mother and daughter to read However, I personally believe premarital and extramarital sex are wrong and I don t like the cavalier attitude towards these in the book I m frankly sick of the media telling girls that it s a right of passage to lose one s virginity and it doesn t matter who the guy is That will be a discussion I mostly definitely have with my children without ever having them read this book.
I enjoyed this last book in the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants series It wasn t quite as un put down able as the first three books, and it had a different sort of feel, which I think makes sense, because the four girls are older, in college, and pulling away from their joined at the hip friendships and younger lives.
As with the other books, I recognized parts of myself in Carmen, Tibby, Bridget, and Lena especially Lena At times, it was annoying how many questions were asked in this book if you give four unsure young people four internal monologues, you get a lot of self doubt and constant questioning It s close to reality, but it bothered me slightly while I was reading Maybe that s because I am always asking questions in my own head Also, although the girls were apart for longer than ever before, the inclusion of the Pants started to seem forced SPOILER ALERT When the Pants were lost at the end of the book, I did not think it was a tragedy, as they had stopped being necessary to the story And that turned out to be the lesson the girls learned, as well they didn t need the travelling pants to keep them together Pants Love But we knew that all along, right Quotes When will we all be home again That was what she wanted to know But when she thought about it logically, she knew It wasn t just the answer that had changed, it was the question What was home any What counted as the status quo Home was a time and it had passed She used to have the idea an untested belief, really that you loved someone in a kind of mirror dance You loved in exact response to how much they were willing to love you.
With Unraveled Embroidery And Fraying Hems, The Traveling Pants Are Back For One Last, Glorious Summer Lena Immerses Herself In Her Painting And An Intoxicating Summer Fling, Fearing That The Moment She Forgets About Kostos Will Be The Moment She Sees Him Again Carmen Falls Under The Spell Of A Sophisticated College Friend For Whom A Theatrical Role Means Everything And The Heritage Of The Pants Means Nothing Bridget Joins A Dig For An Ancient City On The Coast Of Turkey And Discovers That Her Archaeology Professor Is Available In Every Way Except One Tibby Leaves Behind Someone She Loves, Wrongly Believing He Will Stay Where She Has Left Him Join Ann Brashares S Beloved Sisterhood Once Again In A Dazzling, Fearless Novel It S A Summer That Will Forever Change The Lives Of Lena, Carmen, Bee, And Tibby, Here And Now, Past And Future, Together And Apart I guess the Traveling Pants series couldn t go on forever, especially once the girls started growing up and starting college As a whole, I would rate the series 4 5 stars I liked each of the 4 girls for their unique merits weaknesses struggles, and the concept of a magical pair of jeans that fit each one of them was special The collection of memories in the way of scribbles, patches and whatnot on the pants seemed like a cool 3D scrapbook It reminded me of a journal that 3 other high school friends and I would trade amongst each other, taking turns to write in it between class periods and homework We actually had 2 versions of this journal, one started earlier by another friend and returned to her and the other later, me When I go through the journal that I have, I wish we had treated it a littlelike a scrapbook with magazine clippings and photos to preserveof the visual culture from back then.
In any case, going back to the book It was definitelyadult than young compared to the previous 3 books, dealing with identity, boundaries, and premarital sex But I think Brashares tried too hard to make the book relevant to contemporary teen themes that I felt like I was reading a book version of Seventeen The writing still remained effortless and enjoyable but honestly, I was disappointed with it being as the ending, and the actual ending felt too innocent to reflect the recently past events However, the movie version may befitting for the story since the girls are and look older than their book age.
Reviewed by Taylor Rector for TeensReadToo.
comFOREVER IN BLUE is truly a bittersweet book It has a truly amazing story but I m sad that this is the final book in the SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS series I never wanted this series to end It is a remarkable ending to such a great series, though Lena She is afraid that when she finally forgets about Kostos he will reappear At her college she is taking a summer painting class and maybe she will meet someone new there Carmen Shy Carmen, who thinks that she is invisible to the rest of the college students, finally makes a friend She and her new friend have a summer that no one would suspect Bridget She goes on an archaeological dig in Turkey and meets someone that she can t have But what about Erik, who is still in love with her Tibby Tibby and Brian have a few rough spots in their relationship Will they be able to handle it Or will it mean the end of their relationship As I m sure you can tell there is never a dull moment while reading this book There is always something going on with everyone There is a major twist in the end of the book that I never saw coming You will have to be the judge on whether it s a good twist or not, but I thought that it was well put and really tied in to the story Just as a warning, though, if you have not read the first three books in this amazing series THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS, THE SECOND SUMMER OF THE SISTERHOOD, GIRLS IN PANTS do not read this book until you have read the others I wouldn t want you to ruin a perfectly good, well written book My re read of the series continues this time on audio all so I can finally read the last book, Sisterhood Everlasting.
original read May 2009Re read Oct 26 Nov 1, 2016Lena After four books of Lena being either in love with or heartbroken over Kostos, I would ve thought that I would be sick to death of it And in some ways I was I mean, we get it already but the fact is, I always liked Kostos and felt bad for the position he found himself in While it was nice to see Lena finally make an effort to move forward I still felt for Kostos after the way she treated him during his surprise visit And the way things were left at the end meh I like that the door was still open for the future but I d hoped for .
Bridget I was so pleased with Bridget in the second and third books It seemed like she had grown up a lot and was making smarter decisions But here we are in the fourth book and she s right back to her reckless behavior Her relationship with Peter while in Turkey was so ill advised and I wanted to shake them both It smacked of Bridget from 3 years ago and felt like a big step backwards for her.
Tibby I ve always said that Tibby was my favorite of the four girls but My re read of the series has made me wonder how I ever could have thought that Her shabby treatment of Brian over the course of four books years was so bad that I could hardly stand her by this point Her inclination through every book has been to push him away or treat him poorly like some object she could pick up and put down at will, knowing she could always come back to it when she felt like it And naturally Brian is supposed to be standing by just waiting for Tibby In book two she shut him out after Katherine s accident In book three she dropped him in favor of some new fake friends She really pushed it this time and I found myself wishing Brian would finally tell her to take a hike By this point I was completely over Tibby s mean girl ways when it came to Brian.
Carmen Carmen has always been my least favorite character because she s usually so bratty but she ended up being the one I related to most in this one Carmen s unbalanced relationship with a frenemy when she s at her most vulnerable actually had me pulling for her Shocker.
Finally FINALLY I can read the last book in this series and see what became of the four friends a decade later.
Eeeh I quite liked the first book in this series, but it s been a downhill slope since then The characters felt like they never learnt ANYTHING over the course of the series and continued to make the same string of mistakes I don t understand why the hell Kostas was a recurring character He s the actual worst and having waded through four of these books, I STILL don t know why Lena liked him Tibby s relationship with Brian wassuper weird, to be honest She never seemed particularly into it, and so her reaction to them sleeping together felt completely realistic to me Carmen s story was once again the most interesting one in the book, but it drove me nuts that it took her so long to realise that Julia was messing with her constantly Bee s story in this one filled me with rage, because a I continue to hate Eric and don t think she should be with him, b the whole bullshit thing with her 30 year old professor HAHAHAHAHA SERIOUSLY He s just turned 30 and he s a PROFESSOR was super gross, and c OH MY GOD STOP KNEELING IN THE TRENCH OH MY GOD Seriously, I was filled with so much archaeologist nerd rage You NEVER kneel in the trench And you certainly don t crawl around in it on your hands and knees, or roll around with your professor Because holy hell, you could be destroying seven million artefacts So yeah I was honestly a little relieved when the stupid magic pants disappeared into the ether It was a cute concept in the beginning, and I did like the friendship between the girls But they just never seemed to learn their damn lesson You know Ehh.
This is the fourth and last though at the end of the book, the author hints that she may at some future point revisit these girls of this series And to be honest, a lot of the book fell flat for me A lot of the plot lines are the same especially with Bee, who s storyline was very similar to book 1 which was kind of annoying to me and to be honest, some of the angst that the girls go through was overdone and rather tedious as well To me, the only storyline I rather enjoyed and related to was Carmen s And really, only because of the been there, done that, don t EVER want to go back there again factor Though, I really like Carmen probably the best of the 4 and really relate to her the best If I had to pick one of them that was most like me in HS, Carmen would be that minus the Latino factor LOL.
This book was also WAYadult than the previous three maybe because they have finished their first year of collegeI don t know I f I was letting my young teen read these, I would try and be prepared for some pretty open and interesting discussions about the books and the activities that take place.
The end was a bummer for me as well I was really let down in a way And I don t know how to describe how or why I was let down I just felt that it was really flat after the first three All in all, it was a good book, but not as good as the first three.
YA T 15 Minor languageMinor sexual references

Reading Rush read watch a book 2 movie adaptation I m surprised y all The first time I read Forever In Pants I didn t enjoy it and when I watched the second movie and realized it was based on this book I was annoyed In fact I ve only watched that movie once because of it although I still bought the dvd I can t even remember why I didn t like it the first time around Forever In Pants takes place the summer after the girls 1st year in college and things have changed The girls just can t seem to find the time to spend together Lena is boring as always but she has a new man, Carmen is away at theater camp and seems to have under gone a personality transplant, Bridget is a mess as always and I live for it off in Turkey doing archeological dig having suspect friendship with a guy thereAnd Tibby is being Tibby Tibby decides to takes things to the next level with her boyfriend but when things don t go as planned she goes into an emotional tailspin I read in a couple other peoples review that they were uncomfortable with one scene in particular and they felt that consent wasn t properly given I can see their point of view but I didn t have a problem with that scene but I just wanted to mention it and give a heads up to all you guys out there As I said at the beginning of this review when I read this the first time around in 2007 I didn t enjoy it but I really enjoyed it this time I think I just didn t like how apart the girls were emotionally but now as a proper adult THE LIES I can appreciate how true to life this book is You re suppose to venture out and make new friends and make mistakes when you re in you re late teens early twenties I will now rewatch both movies and I hope I will like the second movie better this time around Reading Rush Day 2 2 books down 3.
5 5 I can t believe the first time I read The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was when I was in 5th grade and here I am just finishing the series I realize there s a 5th book, but that sof an add on to the series Either way, this was put off for too long, but I m glad that it didn t disappoint.
As always, I connected the most to Lena As someone who is extremely modest and not too willing to step out of my comfort zone, I felt like cheering for her every time she did something risky, because I almost felt like I was watching myself Ha not that I would ever do what she did with Leo Still.
I loved how raw Bridget was in this one she s so relatable with how she prefers to hide her feelings rather than talk about them Don t tell me I m the only one who does that, too.
Carmen and Tibby, as always, weren t my favorites however, I learned to enjoy CarmenI enjoyed seeing her gain confidence and learn that she s worththan keeping friends who just pull her down ahem, Julia Tibby s story, too, was entertaining and nerve wracking though, not as good as Lena s or Bridget s I felt like it was slow and, quite honestly, I wasn t a fan of Brian.
Overall, I m thrilled to have finished this series It makes me think about my young self and when I really started reading books It was nice remembering that feeling and re connecting with these characters.